Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have you heard about Angry Bird games

Almost everyone has probably heard of a smartphone Angry Bird, so it's no surprise that this game is one of the most popular games available to date for an Android smartphone operating system and including the IOS. So what is this game so all the rage?
What Angry Bird?
The game was developed by Rovio Mobile is a puzzle-style video game where players start birds with a slingshot on the evil green pigs or pig to occupy these structures. The structures at all levels are made of materials such as ice, wood and stone. The purpose of Angry Bird game for the player that all pigs in each level to eliminate by either hitting the structures using a catapult to damage, so they could collapse and kill the pigs.
The various levels of the game, special objects, such as explosive crates and rocks found and can be used to help pig and destroy structures. The game is divided into several episodes, each with multiple levels. The first episode called "poached eggs" of the bird quest to go after the pigs who stole their eggs begins. Rovio also Halloween and Christmas themed editions of Birds Evil game released in 2010.
Game FAQ
The game was first released to the IOS Apple in December 2009, when the game is available for most iPhone, iPad iPod created the users, and said they Rovio more than 12 million copies sold, and most downloads are due to the iPhone app. This success led the company has versions for other smartphones such as those using Symbian or Android operating system design.
Android version is free and is based on advertising-based revenue. In its first 24 hours of availability, the Android version 1 million downloads do server crash at one point. The company has experienced more than 30 million downloads of its free app versions, including "lite" versions for other systems. Versions of Angry Bird is released for both PCs and game consoles as well and is expected to be as popular as iPhone app.
Why so popular?
The combination of low price with its addictive gameplay and humorous tone has prompted Angry Birds iPhone games downloaded over 50 million times in all in all systems. According to recent statistics, see Angry Bird gaming more than 200 million minutes a day!
For a game that costs about $ 140,000 to initially develop, now earns more than $ 2 million a month with half sales and half from advertising. The game also has positive reviews, and even Conan O'Brien has called Angry Bird on his late night TV show. The overwhelming popularity has led to merchandising, which included t-shirts, plush toys from birds and pigs, and an upcoming board game version to the stabbing.
In March 2011, Rio Angry Birds in accordance with the release of 20th Century Fox animated film "Rio" which is scheduled to be available to IOS and Android. The Birds Evil characters displayed in Rio de Janeiro and attempting to other birds, including the movie to save. There is also some question about an animated film made for the birds themselves, but such a film will be further in the future.

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