Sunday, March 27, 2011

What are your thoughts on Does The Moon Affect Fish?

Have you ever wondered if the moon does not affect fish? And if so, how exactly it works wonders! Well, it's not in this article I will do my best to explain how the moon affects fish and fishing. Not only that, but if you find the information useful, I will give you a way to get to know you can use this information to your advantage when fishing.
Do not worry, things is not rocket science (although some argue it is) and the information you need is gained about one hour worth of research. The bottom line is that the moon is indeed an effect on the fish and information that can be used to your advantage as a fisherman.
The first thing to keep in mind is the stage of the moon. Within a month the moon goes through different phases, all of which can be determined by looking at the sky on a clear night. It is important to remember as much fish and fisheries when there is a full or new moon. Fish are more active during these two phases of the moon.
And what does it mean when the fish more active? They eat more and if the fish are active and feeding, that when we as fishermen like to fish. This is the key to understanding how the moon affects the behavior of fish. We want this information so we can be on the water fishing when the fish are most active, so our chances of connecting.
In other words, we want to plan our time fishing around these two lunar phases, so we have more of a chance of catching fish. If you think this is too crazy to believe, consider this: What's the worst that can happen from using this information? Your fishing success remains exactly as it is? That is the worst. This information is nothing but upside.
The bottom line is that using this information to your advantage only makes sense. I know for a fact that using the moon to your advantage, because personally I was planning my trip around the moon for over ten years with great success. I always catch more fish during the phases of the moon than any other time of the month. Not the fact that, as I said, what's the worst that can happen call?

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