Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Please stop Animal hunting

Animal Hunts
Cats, dogs, pigs, birds and even sheep are all human friends. We are fair on earth, we have no right to kill something that I believe.
The unnecessary hunting of animals is harmful to the environment from which they come. If an animal is a rare or endangered in a region so that all other animals or plants in the same area, also be affected as a result of disruptions in the food chain. For example, if a large prey animal dies out, although predators also suffering from hunger. Even if all predators are eradicated, will prey is crowded, and spend all their food.
Prevention of hunting animals to extinction is a very important thing that we all should do. When an animal dies out, will inevitably lead to the extinction of other animals because of the original food. The more animals become extinct, the worse the situation will be the world. I think the emotions of people we can only learn to hunt the animals we eat and allow other animals to take care of itself. Another possibility is that we can breed animals only Animals are our future, so if we all fun and different agents that we live in a very boring world to kill. Is this statement a fair summary of the reasons for the animal population, or is it a simplistic, bad argument?
Hunting animals need to specify if not, we will be punished on earth. If you do not believe you can have a try, but you will be punished one day. Today, people are always thinking about themselves, and rarely worry about the animals around them. They are living beings as a person. Unfortunately, some animals hunted, ate and even sold. This is a horrible thing that despised animals. To prevent the hunting of animals, we need some steps to protect them and punish the criminals. In the first place of the animal habitats are built in a quiet place and clear. Then volunteers to work for society to protect animals. Disseminate information to protect animals to humans is also very important.
Animals are our friends! Hunters hunting such as elephants, tigers, bears, pandas, reindeer, and various species of birds. They do it just for money. They cut the elephants 'ivory, tigers' teeth, reindeer antlers, bears 'paws and most of the animals' fur. Because the number of animals is becoming less and less. Stop it, animals always help us, but we do something and hurt.

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