Monday, March 14, 2011

How to keep birds away from your garden

Believe it or not, there are many different solutions for how to keep birds away from your garden. Maybe you have tried to set up a scarecrow in your patio, but you know what? A streamer is much more likely to scare your guests than to deter birds. So how do you keep birds away from your garden?
Well, these days, there are many innovative ways to keep birds away from your garden ... a way that few high-tech and much more efficient than the traditional scarecrow. Such a solution is a magnet. A magnet for keeping birds away from your garden! Now the idea may sound a bit strange but it works.
You buy a powerful magnet, whose principal objective is to keep the birds away from your patio (in a safe and humane manner). How does this instrument work? Well, it disturbs the birds by using sensors orientation and they will therefore stay away from the 15-20 foot radius that could cover such a magnet. Birds can not adapt to the consequences of such a magnet. Of course, if you want one of these devices to keep birds away from your garden, your computer needs pacemakers or other magnetically coded units to keep away from it.
Another tool to keep birds away from your patio is a bird repellent. There is a simple, non-toxic bird repellent products out there that you can apply to surfaces that you do not want birds to land on. How a bird repellent is toxic and the birds do not like the feel of it. Of course how it is sticky you would not want for your garden, but you might consider applying to branches that hang over your patio or a gutter that surrounds your patio. If a bird can not go ashore to get your patio, it is much less likely to poop on your patio!
There are also more modern take on the scarecrow to keep birds away from your garden. Birds are really scared and nervous about things that remind them of a predator bird, and sometimes bright colors and bold designs. Will some of these items at your local gardening store.
There are also many other ideas about how to keep birds away from your garden, tackle specific types. So if the above suggestions do not help with your bird problem, so there is still hope.

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