Monday, March 21, 2011

Gather knowledge on Dog Nutrition

Recognition and understanding of nutrition a dog needs is a big challenge for most pet owners, since it requires a general knowledge about the basics of dog food.
When you are generally aware of what dogs should eat to stay healthy, you can then start to focus on building a diet tailored to the individual needs of your dog.
Initially, when you introduce a new element in the diet for your dog, or just a new kind of kibble, it's a good idea to observe and record even seemingly minor changes in the body of the function, attitude and general appearance, and changes in behavior and habits.
Start with the coat and skin. Make sure that it remains smooth and shiny and the skin is healthy and emits no odor. If you notice any dead skin, a more pronounced flavor and a dull coat with a tendency to mate more often, you should record this and be warned.
Bad breath is often a sign of problems in the mouth or teeth. It can also be a symptom of gastrointestinal problems or metabolic disorders of the internal organs like the liver, pancreas and kidneys.
Be sure to include your dog's eyes. They are still bright and clear? If you find that your eyes are bloodshot or glazed, or if you are privy to seeing them, you can bet that something is missing diet.
Did your dog eat something, or are there remnants? Is the increased appetite or have a picky eater? Control weight, perfect for 2 to 4 weeks and write it down. This way you will always be able to make your dog's diet to adjust and control over his or her weight.
Are there changes in the way your dog behaves? She's still alert and interested in his surroundings, and she has more drowsy and lethargic?
Try to identify even the slightest change in your dog and take notes. So start exploring. Read, ask professionals about changes that you have taken and the possible causes.
Dandruff and dry skin can be a sign that your dog diet is essential fatty acids or a specific protein source is missing. This skin condition is very good when that element is added to the feed for your dog.
It is best to get everything in writing in a diary, and your pet's comments, what you did and whether it was useful or not. Make notes about behaviors, habits, desires or pickiness, and note any observed changes.
This will help you to present your dog food needs to understand so you make the necessary adjustments for your dog the right nutrients will be at the right time. You will be able to pet your dog healthy and will be rewarded with a happy and close relationship with your dog for a long time.

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