Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GAther some cool and Intresting facts about Animals and Enjoy

You might wonder about something so strange about the lifestyle of the animals that sometimes pop up in your mind. Some interesting facts can be very funny, but they are really something that knowledgeable and they will all be very reliable sources.
Here are some interesting facts about animals that are sometimes hard to believe but they're all true.

* If your cat is excited or happy, they express their eyes closed.
* Know what is the only animal with four knees? Well, this is an elephant.
* An African cricket to spend 17 years of their lives sleeping, but awake for only two weeks, pilots and then they die.
* Not all heart in the chest. Why? Because the heart of a shrimp is reflected in their heads.
* Not all black animals are really black, because black lemurs have blue eyes.
* Another attraction about the cat she could hear an echo.
* Jaguars are not brave because they are afraid of dogs.
* A goldfish has a memory of three months.
* If you keep goldfish in a dark place, eventually it turns white.
* Another thing about goldfish is that they are trained to remember mazes for up to one month and they can be trained to push levers for food.
* There is a small entity that does not sleep. An ant.
* Bud dog? They are innocent in all of a Dalmatian is born.
* Roosters to extend their necks, they crow, or if they are not.
* Armadillos have four babies at a time and have all the same sex.
* * * In addition to humans, bonobo or pygmy chimpanzee monkey is the only species that are not face to face sex.
* A snail can slide over a razor balde not offended by building mud that helps people slow glide safely.
* Humans are not the only categorized on the left or right for dogs and cats do.
* Not all transparent and fluffy fur of polar bears have white skin because they actually have black skin.
* Who can create a small sound loudest animal? Well, the blue whale alone at 188 decibels and can be seen more than 800 kilometers away.
* Only chameleon can see two opposite directions at the same time because they can move their eyes independently.
* All mammals such as dolphins but can jump to a particular animal can not. An elephant.
* Eating with your mouth? Yes, but frogs also used their eyes to their food. How? Frogs can pull their eyes inside their mouths to help push food down their throats.
* Some species of frogs can be frozen solid then thawed, and they still reside.
* Another amazing thing about snails is that they can sleep for three years.
* Vocalization? Dogs can have ten vocal sounds, while cats can have 100.
* What do you use to smell? Nose. Yes, but not for the butterflies because they use their feet to smell.
Here they go. Wish you enjoy reading and learn some interesting facts about the Forward

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