Friday, February 11, 2011

Are you really tired of having your cat bite your feet?

Are you tired of having your cat bite your feet? Why would they do it and how it was stopped?
If you are tired of having your cat bite your feet are simple things you can do to prevent this behavior. But before you change your behavior, you must determine why they exhibit this behavior. There are many reasons why a cat may become aggressive towards their owners. The main reason is the result of conditioning, genetics, environment and health.
The main reason why cats bite their own feet to get their attention. In other words, they are conditioned to do. Their reward for biting the feet of their owner is often a reward of food or attention. It takes awhile for a cat to be a condition for this behavior, so it takes time to condition them to do.
Another reason a cat may become aggressive because of genetics. A cat's personality is largely determined by genetics. Studies have shown that cats personalities are often the same as their parents, and little can be done to prevent them from moving. It has been shown that some cats just do not like people around so much no matter how good they are treated.
Environment plays a major role in the behavior of a cat. Cats who live in single cat households are often aggressive towards their owners, often times out of boredom. On the other hand, cats in multi-cat households more stressed because of the limited resources, litter boxes, food bowls, etc.
Some medical conditions can also play a role in aggressive behavior. A medical condition called hyperthyroidism can lead a cat to be hyperactive and aggressive towards their owners. If you suspect your cat has a medical condition, you should see a vet.
Just as there are many reasons why your cat bite your feet, there are many ways to get your cat to behave and stop biting your feet to exercise. If you take time to understand the behavior of your cat's that you can build a good relationship with them.

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