Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tips on Socializing Your Dog

Dogs are pack animals and therefore social. But just as with people, socialize some dogs better than others. Some dogs even have problems socializing with the opposite sex (That sounds human!). But since dogs are pack animals, it is strange that some dogs have a hard time meeting other dogs.
Dog owners often have other dogs and pets visiting or staying with them. To ensure that all animals live peacefully together is not something that happens on your own. Once on top of your neighbors' dog visit your business occasionally and occasionally cats roam the garden, you better be prepared.
To avoid potential problems, you should prepare your dog to socialize him as soon as possible. When dogs grow up, like adults, it is harder for them to learn the rules of social conduct. It is very important to expose your dog at a young age is possible for other people and dogs. If they are puppies around the world is new and big and they are very open to new experiences.
When the puppy has had all the vaccines time to meet people and other dogs. It is important to many different people touching him, especially in sensitive areas like ears, feet and near the eyes. This will make it much easier to visit the vet. He obviously must comply with many other dogs and animals as possible.
Dogs like to sniff each other. If they have another dog, you set the controls until you are sure that both dogs will not start fighting requirements. Only after that you can use to explore the other dog.
If your pup loves to jump on or bite other dogs to see if the other dog corrects him in a gentle dog way. You should only intervene if one of the dogs are on the verge of getting injured. Just stay close to the puppy for an emergency intervention in the case. You might want a pair of gloves if you expect them to fight.
Sometimes they start to bark, which can be annoying. You can try to stop him by offering him a treat or giving him his favorite squeaky toy. If it does not help, just go home and come back the next day. You'll learn what works best for your dog because every dog is different when it comes to behavior around other dogs. Take time and learn how to socialize your dog best.
If you have an (adult) dog who comes from a shelter and do not know how the past you might need more time to teach him the proper dog behavior. Many of these dogs have had bad experiences in the past, and may take longer to regain trust in other dogs and people. They may be violent or shy, but what about the way they react, remember that many of these dogs in their turn to sit adapted animals with a little love from their owners.
Socialization is very important to start as soon as possible. Expose your puppy to other dogs as much as possible and you will see a perfectly socially adjusted dog.

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