Monday, February 21, 2011

Insight on Dog Day care

Many dog owners, due to time constraints, face the problem of leaving their beloved dog at home for a long time. Dogs are social animals and leave them home alone will lead to behavioral problems that are difficult to treat. Dog daycare is the ideal solution in such circumstances to keep their dog healthy both physically and mentally.

Types of Dog childcare services
Usually three types of types of services are available to care for your dog during the day. These are:

* Dog sitters
* Dog Walkers
* Dog day care
What type of dog daycare Service is right for your dog
Choosing the services required depends on following factors:
* Duration of the dog must be left alone
* Dog specific parameters such as
of Age
or health
or conduct
* Cost of service

Dog sitting may be a suitable option for very young puppies or old dogs. A dog walker service can be considered for old and matured dogs and dogs left alone for reasonably shorter durations.
Dog day care is the best solution for a majority of the dogs. Dog day care centers are cost effective and help your dog socialize with other dogs. Note that the welfare of all dogs in the facility is the key factor, so aggressive dogs or dogs with behavior problems are generally not accepted by dog day care.

Services offered by dog day care:
Dog day care centers offer a wide range of services for the welfare of your dog. Services offered include:
* Scientifically designed dog exercise routines
* Group play routines and interaction with other dogs of similar size and type
* Veterinary doctor attention and services you want or need
* Dog training facilities
* Personal attention by well trained professionals
* Dog grooming service
Selecting a dog daycare:
Increasing demand for dog day care needs has resulted in increasing the number of days that such care. Some well known dog crèches throughout the country by franchise agreement, offering similar quality and type of service everywhere.

With so many players on the market, choosing a suitable one becomes tough and certain tips for choosing right dog day care for your dog:
* Preliminary Screening
Collect all possible information about facilities available from various sources
Or friends and relatives to consult their opinion on specific dog day care
o The Internet is a good source for advance information about the nursery near your area
or veterinary doctors and pet stores can give information on good dog day care
* Review specific dog day care

Select a final few based on the first screening and specific information to assist them in making a final decision to obtain contact. your dog's health and hygiene should be the primary focus in the final selection
o Information services
o Years of service
or references to the staff
or Personal inspection of dog day care facilities
Hygiene and sanitation or
o Types of exercises
or veterinary medical support
o Type and number of dogs served
Dog Trainer ratio or facilities
o Transportation facilities and facilities for your dog
Timing for the departure or truck and dog childcare
Security arrangement, or
or arrangement for dealing with emergencies
Cost of Information

* Things to note during personal inspection
Often, dog day care promise many things to attract customers. The purpose of the personal inspection was to verify the actual facts with the promises made to investigate.
o Check for any bad odor in the building
or general environment and appearance
o Food and water
o Frequency and method of cleaning (If they Wysiwash Dog Kennel Cleaner in their facility, you can be sure of the cleanliness of the dog day care)
Or a complete visual inspection of health and temperament of dogs handled by them
ObAscertain or people's behavior in dogs

Dog-related topics
After deciding on the dog day care facility, specific factors about the dog you have discussed in detail in the interest of your dog. The information shared should include the following:
* Vaccination requirements for your dog
Many dogs nurseries require your dog to be vaccinated against rabies, and kennel cough DHLPP. Specific flea control programs are recommended by some centers.
* General behavior patterns of your dog
* Food Habits
* Mandatory Drug
* Contact person and address in case of emergency

Dog day care, identified and selected properly can help your dog stay healthy and comfortable. Good dog day care can also help in providing advice for the general welfare of your dog.

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