Monday, February 21, 2011

Why are some watchdog aggressive than others?

WHY ARE SOME watchdog aggressive than others?
There are some breeds that are actually bred to be aggressive use of selective breeding practices. Some dog breeds were originally bred as fighting dogs, including Akita breed while others may have been bred to be fierce guard dogs. Dogs like German Shepherds or Doberman are prone to racial loyalty and protection. This instinct can be used to train the dog to be fierce guard dogs.
Each dog is unique, regardless of her race. You can meet a kind and gentle Rottweiler and you can also mean a bright and poodle. The way a dog behaves depends not only on bloodlines, but as much about how the dog is raised.
The dog can be conditioned by the brutal assault. Some of the skills training to dogs that guard dog is really arrogant train. The dog was scared and afraid for his safety would naturally tend to fall. Physically attacking dog will launch.
While it is true that leaving the scene in a race known to a tendency towards aggression makes it more likely that a dog is aggressive, there are dogs that come from aggressive race, but are always treated well and good humor.
Dog aggression and CHILDREN
Several studies on children attacked by dogs. While researchers have indicated that less than the knowledge that breed of dog responsible for most attacks on children, which they found that while the breed of dog is not consistent in terms of attacks, what is constant is the age of the children. Most studies have shown that the majority of dog bites and vicious dog attacks occur against children aged between five and nine.
Dogs are pack animals with a strong social hierarchy. One who nourishes and gives instruction in a household is usually an adult. A dog would be tantamount to the adult's behavior as similar to the behavior of the Alpha dog in the pack. So the dog is more likely to fall to his master.
Young children can be considered equal so prevalent that dogs can get started in the hierarchy. The dog will show dominance behavior in children, such as humping them is not be left unattended with children because the signs of trying to dominate the kids can be a sign that the dog may become aggressive when the infants.
The dog that humps adult guests can only try to show that this house that he was above the visitor hierarchy, but not necessarily he will bite. Perhaps children under the age of five years are not unattended with dogs and children between the ages of five and nine, and this may explain why there are more incidents of children in the age of five.
It appeared that three of the four dogs attacks against children by their own family pets. One thing that people here can be found nerves pretty friendly dogs, like Golden retrievers attacking children as much incident as other breeds. A conclusion is made that the more popular a breed, the more chance there is that dog bites will come from this match purely because of numbers.
Fatal Dog Attacks
Although all breeds can be aggressive in certain circumstances, like a dog to cause fatalities, the Pit Bull Terrier. The Rottweiler was second. The problem of fatal dog attacks is increasing every year, because these two races have become more popular. For this reason it is important for governments to make decisions about the conditions in which races are allowed to live with people.
Some cities and countries such as Denmark, Netherlands and Norway have banned Pit Bull Terriers completely. Others say it's not the problem of dog aggression address because Pit Bull Terriers are not the only dog attack, maim and murder of children. One certainty is that a solution must be found to such a horrible and senseless deaths occur. At present, how to deal with dog aggression is a hot topic in the world.

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