Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trout Fishing

America loves to fish! Fishing is one of our most popular sports, and trout are probably
The most exciting (and delicious) fish. But before you jump on the boat with your
pool, here are some important trout fishing information you need to help you catch more trout.

1. Trout is a warrior. A major attraction of the trout fishing is not down without a fight! Hooks a big one is no guarantee that you will bring him, and that's what fishing exciting.
2. Trout to hang in a cool lakes and streams. They are located in the cool, clear lakes and streams in all
throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Some, such as rainbow trout, swim to shore and
after hatching and spend most of their lives in the ocean. These trout streams only to return
where they were born to spawn.
3. Trout like flies. They like aquatic invertebrates such as mayfly to eat, stonefly, caddis and Diptera,
all look and move like "worms" in their pre-adult state (ie - before they grow wings).
Of course, trout love to eat it also fly after their wings. "Fly" is so developed
to simulate the movement and thus to attract trout.
4. Trout come in all shapes sizes and colors. Trout of both species often dramatically
different patterns and markings, while sharing the same genetic makeup.
5. Five species are bull trout, brown trout, brook trout, cutthroat trout and Arctic char.
6. Trout to wear camouflage. The fish change their colors and patterns on their bodies to blend
the environment they live in the ocean for example often have a silvery color, while trout
live on a lake or stream may have exaggerated a little greenish spots and varied hues to adjust
local flora.
7. Trout use aliases. Trout of both species often very different patterns and colors, and
as different names in different geographic locations. For example, there are more than 12 recognized
subspecies of cutthroat trout including the Bonneville cutthroat, Lahontan cutthroat, Yellowstone cutthroat,
and Colorado River cutthroat. Also, Aurora and brook trout came from the same type Salvenius
fontinalis, but different skin colors and patterns.
8. Trout are bony ... and yummy. So many fish to go, the fish is somewhat emaciated, but their great taste
more than makes up for it! They also have a little fatty (fatty) fin running their backs, near
their tails, and they have no spines.

9. Some grew up in Trout farm. The absence of so popular is that they are overfished
in many areas. A common solution is to use "fish farms" or trout hatcheries, which are then transported to the top
in the body of water where they are needed.
10. Trout fish. Larger (and bad re) trout prefer the other, smaller fish such as minnows eat. Yes, there's a catch
larger trophy fish, a good spinner bait. Spinners are designed to prevent the movement of small fish reproduce.

The trout is a big fish and sport is becoming more and more popular. The more you know about
trout, especially the particular fish you try, the better your chances of catching the big catch!

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