Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you know Why are there so many dog owners out there?

Why are there so many dog owners out there? Dogs share our lives in ways that most other animals, and they are so common that it is easy for their loyal companionship for granted. The purpose of this article is to remind us why we love dogs so much, a few minutes to spare and a few extra words in praise of "man's best friend," dog.
Dogs are friendly and love human company. If ego would not be happy to see a happy dog who can not wait to greet you at the end of a tiring day? Your dog is waiting for you at the door, smiling face, mouth and tail wagging, ready to love you, his best friend in the world.
Dogs are loyal, and as pack animals, they react to the presence of a leader - you! Dogs are eager to please you in any way they can. If you're feeling blue your dog will be by your side still comforting you. If you're happy and excited, your dog will jump on you and share your joy.
Dogs are playful. They love physical activity such as time, retrieving sticks, jumping into pools, and racing game. Dogs will join you for a day or a jog in the park or even a game of frisbee exhuberant. But dogs can also be soft and cuddly and ready at any moment for a loving pat and a reassuring hug. They are loving and they are relaxing to a stroke, plus most dogs can remain calm when needed and also tolerant of small children who do not know how to be silent or to be careful around animals behave.
Dogs can be trained so they can easily live with us in our human-built dwellings. They can also be trusted to act appropriately around other people and in public. Dogs can to nature's call to save for outdoor walks, learn to walk on a leash when on public roads where cars lurking, and to sit and stay, where and when necessary.
The dog is as much a part of life in a house like a human member of the household. Our dogs are always there for us day and night, sharing in any activity, from breakfast through an evening spent watching TV. They can share both our home and many of our local outdoor activities, but it's not all. Dogs play an important role in family life, even when the family is gone. They can easily go places in our car, everything from a walk in the local park for a family vacation. Because they can travel with us, they are part of our lives in a way that most other pets can not. As dogs can participate in many of our most unusual experiences and outdoor adventures, they are forever linked with many of our most treasured memories.
Dogs in all their various shapes and sizes are beautiful animals to admire and watch. Their beautiful, big eyes and cute faces, their soft, smooth, shiny coat, the tip of the tail wagging joy is dog a joy to watch. With so many different varieties to choose from, you can choose the dog whose appearance is most appealing to them, big or small, short or long muzzle, short hair or long hair or curly or straight hair, with a muscular or a slim, Building with an elegant face or a funny face, and a variety of colors.
Each family can adopt the perfect dog for their taste and lifestyle changes by considering factors such as size and temperament of a dog. If the family has a large enclosed garden where a large dog can romp in safety, or a small apartment suitable for small dogs only? Will the family pet-care budget to support a large dog with a big appetite? Are there many flower beds that can be dug up and destroyed by a race, as a terrier? Are there children at home who need a more gentle dog that will tolerate the ignorant tail dragging a small child or rough housing in a ten years old?
Have family time available for a dog to give all the love, attention, exercise, and he deserves to play, or will he be alone all day? What about the two dogs to keep each other company when the human members of the family is not around? Maybe a cute mutt or two would be the ideal choice! The local dog shelter is probably home to many abandoned dogs, sad and lonely and desperate for a second chance at true happiness with a loving family.
Dogs give us their best: their love, loyalty, unconditional acceptance and love, fun and camaraderie. In return we owe them our best and the best care we can give them, including a healthy and balanced diet, constant access to water and shelter to remove the hot sun or extreme cold, regular brushing and other treatment, ongoing veterinary care, plus yearly vaccinations. Dogs must be spayed or neutered so they do not contribute to the tragedy of pet overpopulation problem.
A safe environment is a must. Indoors, make sure that cleaning staff, medications, house plants and other potential poisons kept safely out of reach. Upper floor windows need secure grilles or screens when they open. Heavy objects should not be left where they can fall and injure dogs. Outdoor meter secure fences if necessary roads with cars nearby. (Please do not chain their dogs outside and denying them freedom of movement.) Antifreeze and other toxic substances should not leak, where all animals can access them and try to drink.
A booster should be used for walks, where traffic is a threat to security. Do not skimp on daily exercise and offers many opportunities to run and play, but if a dog has short legs, so do not forget to slow down and him to work on his legs while trying to keep your stride length increased strength. Do not force dogs to rush past each tree when out for a walk, either. Sometimes dogs just have to smell, so do not rush them too much.
Above all, dogs deserve careful treatment and an abundance of our time and attention. Love can be a dog world go round so much love makes our world go round. When we release our love for our dogs, but we get their love back. Dogs can really husband and wife and children are best friends and we should be honored to have them as well.

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