Monday, February 14, 2011

Insight on Dogs and Children

There are hundreds of dog bites in the U.S. each year. I say with absolute certainty that a minimum of 95 percent of dog bites or dog attacks on humans can easily be prevented or avoided. Also many of the dogs to attack such problems between children and dogs as hunting dogs or to charge anyone.
People often ask me: "A large number - Where is your proof?"
The proof is simply the truth. Thousands of people in this country are the owner of the dog, but very few are trained in how the dog's body language or how to stop a dog in attack mode to read. Very few dog owners understand natural dog behavior.
What usually happens when an adult and child involved in an attack dog is something like this:
The mother (calling her "Mary") and primary school children (call him "Joe") walking on the sidewalk. Out of nowhere pops a big dog who really seem threatening. They follow the old school "avoid eye contact and walk -. He did not see as a threat and he did not get it" terrified, they make a run.
The poor people are in too! It is a bubble I am pleased to bust. Dogs are stimulated by a chance to hunt. Mary and Joe are committed to the goal when the dog is ultimately mode. Natural dog behavior is to run their prey or intruders to run.
The dog may decide not to pursue you. But did you contribute to their confidence, making him strong in his own mind, and encouraged his dog aggressive behavior. Next time you or someone else really be comfortable.
So here is the correct way to handle such a meeting and why.
Again, same scenario - Mary and her young son, Joe, is out on a walk. A huge, terrifying dog suddenly appears and begins to charge. Mary with her child to push back its safety, shows that he is responsible.
What to do with Mary? Straightening his shoulders and lifting her head, a body language for power and control projects. Look at the dog - not in anger but in power. Point to the dog. Immediately, walking the dog with a confident step, while watching the animals. Says, "Hey, STOP" - or "stay" or similar language, again with power, but not screaming (because it does raise the problem). If you do, spread your hands to him with a firm action "stop". (No hands flailing and screaming so, or you a more attractive target!)
If after this additional dogs with power "stop" words and gestures, hold your ground. Keep, unless the dog moves forward. So you get to maintain control over the situation.
I sure how it works? Simple. Dogs use eye contact and self-confident attitude talk to each other. The dominant dog is always ground. It was the dog running away from the lower grade. You must be in control at all times. It works. I know. I've done it again, and if not "impossible" situation.
Use natural dog behavior in your favor, not against you - and not a victim of dog attack!

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