Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips on How to Clean Your Horses Tack

Clean your tack is very important for your safety and your horses safety. All the best riders and horses and related professionals in any sport regularly clean their bow. Tack cleaning is cumbersome and time consuming, so to make it a little more inviting by putting on some music. If you clean your tack regularly you will be able to explain any injuries that may have occurred while driving, and easy to find errors before they cause no communication problems, and it looks much more professional if you rock up to your space or instructors show with all of your gear nice and clean.

What do you clean your tack:

1. A bucket
2. A lap or two
3. A sponge or 2
4. Saddle soap and leather conditioner
5. An old sheet or towel to clean your stuff to configure.
6. A saddle horse and a bridle hook (you do not have one, but they make life easier)
7. A notepad and a pen (only if you can not see all remember to write them first)

Now if you can not remember what hole your stuff is meant to be, so all go through it and write it all down before you start cleaning and lubrication. Your list of a good (dry) spot so you can see when you start putting all your stuff together, but then you can not get dirty.

I do not use saddle soap I use hot water, no reason to saddle soap, but some other professionals will not even use. Use what you want as long as a good quality, it will not hurt.

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