Monday, February 14, 2011

Insight on Dog Health Problems Symptoms

For too long we have to look for dishing out big bucks to the vet for our dogs. Now we have the power to diagnose and treat our own dogs ... and save us a lot of money!
Thanks to a professional veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Jones, exposing many secrets - we now know that many dog health problems symptoms can be cured at home, found using common terms, herbs and chemicals in almost all houses.
Three common mistakes by Dr. Jones in fact suspended killing our dogs -
Veterinarian approved dog food
You think you are doing the right thing by buying the dog food recommended by a veterinarian society, but you know that many of the foods are very high carcinogenic? (Carcinogenic).
Many of them contain ethoxyquin, the strong chemical as a carcinogen is suspected. They are also often contain BHA and BHT, the result demonstrated the liver and kidney failure. These foods often contain propylene glycol, the red blood cells destroyed.
Annual vaccination
Each vet says that annual vaccinations are necessary. Yes, you tried to do the right thing, but many modern vaccine contains live, a modified virus, which do much to increase the likelihood of blood diseases, cancer, bone marrow problems and organ failure suspicion.
Conventional medicine
Giving our dogs some drugs actually do harm than good, they can. For example, where many dogs with arthritis anti-inflammatory drugs. However, many anti-inflammatory drugs adverse effects such as depression, kidney damage, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver problems among other negative effects.

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