Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There are always things we love about our Cat and things that we don't

The emotional lives of cats, in some ways maybe even richer than one person, because they have no inhibitions, what they feel. In a short period, a cat can go from anger to satisfaction, to require the devotion. True, studies show that people with pets live a bit longer and have better blood pressure than benighted non-owners, but in the literal sense, we do not really need all dogs and cats to survive.
One of the things we like about cats watching them play. Kittens love to play but do not know how their sharp claws and teeth checked. Children can learn a little rough with a kitten, and can cause damage. S killing obtained after 12 weeks may be more difficult to manage. Experience kittens during the first few months of life are important in efforts to shape their temperaments and personalities as adults. The kitten will need time to adjust to his new surroundings, and understanding this is the first step in getting off to a positive start.
One of the things we do not love hair shedding but hair shedding is considered a sign of health in the cat because the sick cats do not shed. This happens for various reasons, but basically depends on the time your cat outside, or your cat is purely an indoor cat. Hairballs can be prevented with certain cat and remedies for the removal of hair and regular grooming with a comb or stiff brush easier. Cats spend almost as much moisture as they do care when passing urine. Longhaired cats are naturally more high maintenance than their short haired counterparts. Have you asked them at least once a week and brushing their long manes often. Owners need to dry the moisture from the eyes at least once in the morning and at least once in the evening. Persians should be bathed often.
Hunting is something you do not like about cats. Cats are fun to watch as they pretend to hunt by attacking toys, each other, or miscellaneous items and is something we like. They can hunt for the real and present you with a dead mouse "trophy", as we have mixed feelings: On one hand, we are pleased to have disabled rodents, but on the other hand, we do not know about the . Hunting is central to the behavior of the cat, even to their predilection for short bursts of intense exercise interrupting long periods of rest. Hunting mothers generally transfer all their hunting skills, including the final kill their prey, their kittens. Non-hunting mothers, often passing along the hunting skills except the ability to kill.
Scratch is another thing that we might be with mixed feelings. On the one hand, cute cat scratch, and even declawed cats go through elaborate scratching routines with every evidence of great satisfaction, despite the total lack of results. On the other hand, without a scratching post, your furniture or curtains like.
One plus is that the smaller animal generally means less responsibility, even a little goldfish needs love and care. On the other hand, even small dogs have a shorter life - which means that you or your child experiences an early sorrow.
Generally, cats are naturally well behaved creatures, provided they have a sense of autonomy. Unlike dogs who want to please you, cats are the ones they want to feel in total control of their lives that some people love and others hate.
As the saying goes, "everything has its price" and yes cats do things that would be annoying, but I feel the benefits far outweigh the bad side. For me, nothing is so agreeable to a purring cat lying on my lap on a cold winter evening by the fireplace have. No matter what went wrong during the day, it's all forgotten during this daily ceremony.

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