Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here are few tips on how to keep your cat safe during Holiday time

Keep your cat safe is always important, but is more difficult to do during the holidays. Because of their guests, trips outside the city, home decorations, and unusual foods, there are many dangers for cats that are not present at other times of the year. Here are some tips on keeping your cat safe and happy Christmas.
The first thing to think about the guests who visit and maybe stay in your home. For most cats, it's a stressful time. While cats are not as aloof and independent, as they often are manufactured, they are creatures of habit and can become stressed by changes. Few cats are accustomed to the noise and bustle associated with holiday celebrations. Make sure you have a quiet place to go where they do not suffer.
Another thing that one of the reasons your cat if you enjoyed out-of-town travel and need someone to care for your cat to find. Cats can easily stand on its own than dogs, but they still checked daily to be given fresh water and food, companionship, and litter box cleaning. In many cases a friend or neighbor can help, but make sure you prepared a backup if something happens to your original plan. A committer pets can also be rented, but an early appointment because they are usually fully booked during the holiday. If you can not find someone to care for your cat at home, they will have to be boarded. Most cats do not respond well to boarding, so try to do so for the shortest possible time.
A common security problems that cats face in your holiday decorations. Cats love to play with and to eat things they should not, and there are few places in the house that is beyond their reach. Keep all things like tinsel of your home. For other things that your cat is attracted to, but not very toxic, you should use a bitter apple spray to deter them from chewing on the item. They also offer an alternative that catnip or cat grass that you grow in your home.
Holidays are a time when a cat is more likely to foods that will make her sick. Never give your cat food. Keep food on the disk at all times, so your cat will not steal food not meant for them. If you have family, particularly children, to everyone that you do not need your pet something to feed them to remember. This will keep your cat healthy and save you from the mess to clean up if they get sick.
The holidays are meant for a joyous time, but that could change with a tragedy. The necessary precautions for your cat safe and happy through the festivities, so they can party with you for many years.

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