Friday, February 25, 2011

Ideas on things you can do to have fun with your dog

Play is one of the most important ways we communicate with our dogs. Dogs learn through games and stuff, although they enjoy those games are not "just for fun." You can control which games your pet dog, and it's up to you and your dog learn the right or the wrong things. Remember, games are also a good way for a dog to find out who controls whom, so make sure you are in control. There are many different varieties of games that dogs and their owners can play. Here are some types of games you can play with your dog.
Dog chasing a toy
This game was played by dogs and their owners as long as dogs are pets. The owner throws the toy, the dog runs after the toy. The dog can retrieve the toy, bring it back to the owner and give it to him. A simple game of Fetch amazing, it's a good exercise and many dogs love it. You can teach him to bring the toy to you, to put it in your hand and so on. However, the dogs go to play a game of possession.
Be careful, some dogs go to the wrong things to learn. If this game is played without too much supervision, a dog can learn to run after anything that moves, including other dogs, children, joggers, bicycles or cars. It is therefore a good idea to play the game, but to learn to control, so you can call your dog back if you choose. Herding dogs like Border Collies and sheepdogs. usually excel in this type of game.
Dogs develop two versions of this game.
Game One is that owns the toy. This will be a "tug-owner of the dog and pulling furiously. Often one or two starts to growl. This type of game is very motivating for the dog. But be very careful. If your dog to check these games, he can learn to growl at you, and to pit his strength against yours. Make sure you stop the game and take the toys away from him at any time. If you can not do this, it is best to avoid playing this game until you have developed greater control.
Game Two, the dog keep the toy and to prevent the owner from getting it. The dog usually teases' owner to play, and the owner before the dog behind. Weather. If this game is not under your control, your dog will learn the wrong things.
Ensure that you can get him to come to you when you ask. Playing in a confined area, perhaps even with a lead or a long line at your dog. When he comes to you reward him for coming first, before attempting to take the toy. Teach him to give up the toy for a reward. Again, if there are problems or if your dog will not give up objects, avoid this game until you have more control.
Many people believe that exercising two dogs will together account for half of the work for the owner. This is rarely the case that the matches between dogs out of control. Playing with both dogs separately instead of just let them play together all the time.

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