Monday, February 21, 2011

Basic Dog Care Tips

Before a dog at home, should be understood that there is a responsibility of a person who owns the dog taken care of which includes providing food, shelter, health, protection and spending time with the dog.
Here are some basic care that you should consider before getting a dog at home:
1. Shelter.
What kind of home you provide for your dog? The answer to that question most of the time will depend on what kind of dog you have. Some dogs remain the most of their time outdoors, while others at home.
If your dog will spend most time in the open air, and then a kind of dog or kennel is required. Fences can also be very important to keep the dog securely in place.
While those who stay at home, there are many types of dog beds and an indoor dog kennels that can fit. Note that the size of the dog bed or basket for a puppy is too small for a bigger dog
Finding out what is most appropriate for the type of dog you get home
2. Healthcare
A new dog or puppy should be taken to an animal to assess their health and they need a vaccination against the disease. It is also of great interest to the vet before bringing your dog home to see if you have a good information about proper exercise nutrition, and care for your dog to get.
Your dog should be taken for a scheduled check-up every year, some vet recommended for your dog neutered or spayed female dog for a dog. A healthy dog is a better friend for you.
3. Feed
Before returning home your new dog, make sure you eat food, food bowl, water bowl ready. If it was a puppy, it is also a good thing to chew on such as nylon bones, squeaky toys and other toys are not dangerous to a creek. Do not give them a scrap bones as it could choke them and cause it harm.
Regular meals are an important part of caring for your dog. It will of course be decided by the dog's size, breed type, health and activity level. You need to find information about proper diet and feeding schedule of the breeder or the dog to the vet to get it across.
I do not really believe in buying a commercial dog food off the shelves as many of these foods have toxins that can harm your dog. Read the label before buying.
Learn more from your veterinarian is a better and wiser decisions when deciding which foods to give your dog.
4. Practice
And exercise certainly an important factor in the constructive growth of the dog. But dog owners should be careful with the amount of exercise to match the age and abilities of dogs.
With exercise, the dog appeared more concerned with people, around or even other animals. It will broaden the dogs personality and ability of a dog a dog better off rich and important relationship with the owner is created.
5. Training
Training is essential for the safety of dogs and people around. Obedience training is important during the early growth of the dog. Dog Training can virtually eliminate the problem of dog behavior is likely to have, such as aggression, biting, destructive chewing, jumping, etc.
The question is, if you manage to train your own dog or leave them with professional dog trainer. Since Dog Training is a lifelong course of dog ownership, it is essential that you know how your dog especially trained for basic commands dog obedience skills and should have.
Skills like eliminating outside the house, staying still at your command. Getting a good dog training manual is very important as proper training your dog will give you great pleasure to be incredibly positive effect on your dog.
Five primary care to be prepared before you go home with your new dog. Following this you will prepare for a more fruitful and happy relationship with your dog.

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