Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basic information on Dog's Ears

During reading and searching online I saw an intense debate rages among a certain group of people in the dog's health community, more to the point the people whose dog's ears had a fungal infection. Abortion is simply consisted of two groups. Those who went in to find natural ways to help the less serious problems with their pets, and would have happened to the pharmaceutical / chemical approach at all times that their dogs ears to solve. It was interesting for two people fighting with nothing more than a refusal to look at the facts, or was the presentation. It was not the fact that everybody seemed to be the leader on the issues that bothered me was the fact that a bunch of dogs without a voice behind one of them. It is at this point I would like to see some facts.

No dogs and no dog ears are the same. It has been seen for thousands of years by re-breeding them to create new varieties and all the while full control over the dog food and lifestyle. Regardless, it is impossible to say what works for one dog will work for the next. Discussing it is useless. Some dogs are more susceptible to disease than others, some dogs get sick eating meat (What?) Some dogs are bred to have her! And in all that time a massive industry has grown, which makes food for dogs. Dogs do not complain as much as a human and not always tell us when they have a bad stomach, they do not complain to the producers of food, if food is not good. Does anyone really think that after the farms produce food for humans alone, the best goes into dog food? Would you eat it?

Most allergies, including permanent, recurring yeast infections in dogs ears and bacterial agents is the result of a diet that is so radically different from what they should eat breathtaking images. It is very sad little dog or know what is best for their dogs, or how their dog is really enjoying their food. Nice and easy for manufacturers of dog food.

So food is not good and they have allergies and diseases, what ?.... the "Antibiotics and the pharmaceutical world," Enter. So many people I met with the dogs 'ears have a yeast infection, they go to the vet and get some antibiotics for a hefty price, the dogs' ears better. Then three weeks later, the dogs 'ears an infection again, they go to the vet and get antibiotics for a hefty price, the dogs' ears better. Three weeks later .... you get the picture. This cycle of antibiotics will not do good too. It put the dogs' ears to their natural ability to fight disease. He / she becomes dependent on antibiotics to recover. Caution. At no time did I not argue to the vet, it is necessary to have precise knowledge of what is wrong with your dog. Indeed, a course of antibiotics is unlikely to harm your dog anyway. Prolonged use for the return of the cases, however, have no use. And in this case I think we have an obligation to look for alternatives.

Think about it for half. John is allergic to the dog made dog food he should eat. Dogs' ears get a fungal infection. He gets antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria that fight yeast. He is now less resistant to attack by disease, but he is eating his food and he is not allergic to or something to say. Meanwhile, John the owner thinks his food is good, John's got another dogs' ear infections, it is best to bring him to the vet. This cycle will continue, John falls ill, John The owner gets more in debt. Other people seem very nice. Sad really.

If your dog ears from a yeast / no ear infection, they come to the vet and follow their advice. If after several attempts you still back over and resolve, then it's time to look for alternatives. Unfortunately, much of the information on this is strong across the internet, and it is difficult to love and make comparisons for yourself. Look after your dogs' ears.

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