Saturday, February 26, 2011

Know what are the human actions that can trigger a Dog attack

Dogs are a man's best friend. Well, most of the time anyway. Even best friends can join together and there really is not much different than dogs.
Dog attacks are the most common pet attacks. It is not surprising, as most Americans prefer dogs as pets compared to other livestock.
People may not know, but some actions can attack from dogs or other animals to activate. Dog attacks can be caused by several factors which can be attributed to human behavior.
Dog to attack can be done by understanding what and what you can do with them. Here are some human behaviors that can lead to such attacks:
* Challenging the dog food and water
It's not a good idea to stand in the way of your pet and its food. A dog can become aggressive if food is removed, or if that person performs (intentionally or not) between the dog and his food.
* Attacking a dog
Most people have enough sense not to deliberately attack or provoke a dog. But there are times when certain actions perceived as an attack by dogs, although it is not.
A person can run in its tail or a dog person may be surprised to approach from behind, both actions could be considered an attack dog.
Dogs are pack animals and they have instinct to defend themselves and their dependents. If a person is a puppy from a mother dog expects it to retaliate to protect his puppy.
Dogs are also territorial and their territory is not always translate into a private property owner. The dog may perceive a neighbor's backyard as part of its territory and anyone who comes in, the dog can not recognize, is perceived as a hacker.
* Interventions in a scuffle
A person who tries to two or more dogs to stop fighting can also be accidentally bitten. When a dog in an aggressive mode, it is best not to go near it.
* Threatening bodily
Some people do not realize that certain actions may be perceived as a threat of dogs. Staring into the eyes of a dog or move their face too close to the animal can face threats and respond with an attack it.
* Serves as a prey
Dogs, even domesticated retain some of their instincts. This includes hunting prey. If the dog sees a transaction as a weakness (like leaving the dog) can cause an attack scenario.
* Ignoring warning signs
Responsible pet owners typically place signs to people about their pets immediately. If you ignore these warnings can only lead to tragedy.
Since dogs and other animals can not really be held accountable for their actions, a responsibility to prevent animal attacks falls on the owner. People can also help to prevent animal attacks by understanding the nature of animals other than humans.
If you are a victim of a dog or animal attack, because the owner fails to take precautions to prevent his pet attack you can take action against the owner.
Contact an attorney who is familiar with the dog and animal attack laws in your country.

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