Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why are Cats considered better in comparision to Dogs

At the risk of offending all the dog lovers reading this article, I must declare my love for cats than dogs. They are very sweet creatures, which is also a wonderful air of independence and intelligence about them. This independence gives them a well rounded personality than dogs who always seem to have on your side.
Cats are much easier to care for even small and big occasions. If you live in the city as I do than having a dog is a total pain. You have to go for a walk twice a day or pay an expensive dog walker! A cat can be perfectly happy inside. They can do much better in small places than dogs do.
The hearing power cat is much more sensitive than humans and dogs. I am a very fun past time to just see my cats, listening to sounds. They pick up sound at a tiny and you could see their little ears move to capture him! They even seem to listen to sounds while they sleep, and if something catches their interest, they wake up!
One of my main reasons to taste cats more than dogs, cats are almost impossible to make any noise. I hate barking! Some dogs just bark and bark and bark and it is so annoying to me. Applicants meow some more than others, but even a cat is meow a lot less annoying than a dog that barks all the time. Barking is just much more loud and piercing.
Cats can not stand overnight (or even a few days) without any real problems. This means you can go to a night at a town and not worry about what happens to your cat back to the apartment. With a dog is not the case. If you have a dog by himself for too long they will surely be a mess and they are very dissatisfied.
Cats are also much less likely to beg you for food. One of my cats do not eat anything except for his cat food! He is very picky about what he eats. Dogs on the other hand will eat anything! They will not even waste your root around for things to eat when they get the chance.
Simply put, dogs are a much bigger nuisance and take up much more energy to deal with than cats do. Cats are more intelligent and more interesting creatures. Dogs are just supporters on the other hand, cats have their own personality. She may seem reserved at times, but they can also be very sweet at times. This type of swing in mood is much more comparable to a person than a dog that seems to be ignorant about everything all the time.
Another big reason why cats are better than dogs? They clean themselves! Dogs are dirty smelly creatures that must be cleaned by you or they will be stinking your site! Cats on the other hand, pride in their purity. They are soft and clean.
Oh, and lastly, let us not forget that while dogs must be housebroken, but not cats. All you do is create a litter box properly and they want to use.

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