Thursday, February 24, 2011

Problems associated in old age with Dogs

Animals, especially dogs simply become a part of the family. If you love and care your family the same way you care your dog. Dogs are popular pets, and are you happy when your dog healthy and fit. But with age, there are many problems in dogs.
If your dog is well fed, housed and cared for, there's a good chance for him to reach a good age. A secure fenced yard is essential for life to a dog. If you have a backyard, closed, so you open your door and let your dog in. If your dog is old, his body goes through natural aging processes.
The most noticeable change is in your dog when he gets older, will probably be a decrease in the activity. The first thing to look for it after strenuous exercise or long walks. The old age dog can not go as fast or as far. Do not go for long walks, instead, walk him a little and often, especially to new places. Use a leisurely pace, stopping to rest a few times along the road. Do not force him to play like he does not want.
An old dog wants to sleep. Leave him and make sure his bed is a little softer when warmer in winter. Make sure he does not sleep in a drafty. Be aware of his intolerance to high and low temperatures and protect it from extremes. He feels the cold and heat like never before. Bathe him with hot water in winter. Not bathe him unless absolutely necessary, rather than with a damp cloth or sponge or a dry shampoo to use him fresh and clean. His hair goes gray and loses its luster. Brush him frequently, as this will help his skin glands that have been slow to encourage.
If the dog gets older, his hearing becomes less acute. The sign of hearing loss in your dog may be inattention or ignoring your commands. Your dog is disobedient, he can not hear your conversation. If your dog is hearing impaired can be on earth to his attention or his eyesight is still good and he looks your way, you can start with hand signals. Often when one sense fails, another attempt to do it, so it's not unusual to find a deaf dog looking instead of listening to commands. Your dog will look closer than ever before.
Remember, is another serious problem among older dogs. Old dog sometimes afraid to move because he can not see objects. The condition may go unnoticed around the house, where everything is familiar, but if the furniture around or take him to some new place, you can see that he stumbles, perhaps reluctant to move. Blue eye or cloudy eyes in the old dogs can cause cataracts, cause, the need veterinary attention.
They completely blind dog can still enjoy life as a little extra care for his safety and comfort. As long as he can smell, feel and hear his dear, he does not seem to mind all. Blind dogs come around in memory. Not rearranging your home furniture. To keep his stuff in the usual places. He will remember where they are and may be water bowl, toys and his bed to find. Keep rooms and stairways clear and free of obstructions. If the dog is completely blind, guiding him safely up and down stairs.

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