Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Cool facts on Cats

Interesting facts about cats
Cats are kept as pets, and the species that live with us for thousands of years. There are many varieties of cat, including those without hair and tails. They are able to hunt many different types of species and is very intelligent. Because they are so intelligent, it is possible to train them the most improbable of tasks, like opening doors (though obviously not with a key of course) to do.
How do cats communicate?
They spin, meow and hiss. They also use body language and use a combination of these things when communicating with "fellow felines. They are still able to be in nature.
Define Terms
A hangover is known as a blank. A female, believe it or not, is a queen. The sweet young breed is known as kittens. If the cat in question has registered the origin, it is intended as a race. Race Cats are only one tenth of the total cat population.
How long do they live?
If they are kept at home and domesticated animals, cats live a very long time. The average is 14-20 years. The oldest cat lived in the history of the great age of thirty six. Generally cats do not venture outside tend to live longer because they do not get into a fight or a risk of injury.
How much sleep do they need?
Cats sleep ... lots! The older they get, the more sleep they need, but the average is between thirteen and fourteen hours a day. However, some cats sleep most of the day (up to 20 hours). If only the average working person could enjoy such a luxury sleep.
A perusal of Cats Body Language
If an angry cat will shake the end of the tail. A tail held high in the air means that your cat is happy, while a tail down will usually indicate that it is not happy. If you have surprised a cat, or one that lives in fear, the hair rose on his back with his tail.
If a cat is friendly with each other, it will tend to nose touching the others. If a cat is happy and sitting on your lap, you can paw. They will often use it with spiders as a display of affection toward their owners.

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