Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here are few tips to protect yourself from a Dog Bite

After school got out, Karen is on the way home and noticed his neighbor's gate is wide open .. He froze in horror as he remembered the large pit bull that usually lurked behind the door, barking viscously anyone who dared to go too close to the iron branches. Holding her breath, she slipped past the gate, careful not to make a sound. Suddenly, a low rumble came from the bushes, and Karen spun around to find himself face to face with the dog snapping. She panicked, cried and ran up his driveway as fast as his legs could carry him. He fumbled with his keys and cried again when the pit bull stuck in her leg and bit her on
Unfortunately, this terrible situation is not a rare as you might think. Here are the amazing statistics on dog bites and dog attacks by the Centers for Disease Control:
1. About 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. 2. Almost one in five of the suffering of the attack dog (885 total 000) requiring medical attention for dog bite-related injuries. 3. In 2006, more than 31,000 individuals reconstructive surgery as a result of being bit by dogs. 4. Children are most vulnerable to dog attacks, with the highest dog-bite injuries occurred among children aged 5-9
Experts say dogs bits is highly preventable if adequate procedural safeguards are taken. CDC recommends the following safety standards points to help protect yourself or your children to attack dogs
1. Never approach a strange dog. Although a dog may seem friendly, helpful and sweet to the original vision, this location shift from playful to terror in an instant. A fearful dog may see the invasion as the only means of security, which can lead you to be bitten by dogs. 2. Do not run from a dog or scream. If a strange dog approaches, your first instinct is to run or scream. But it only encourages the dog to go after you. You do not want to put yourself in this situation often end up with a dog bite. Try instead will continue if the approach by an unfamiliar dog. 3. If knocked by a dog, roll into a ball and lie still. 4. Immediately report stray dogs or dogs displaying unusual or aggressive behavior to your local animal control center. 5. Avoid direct eye contact with a dog. Dogs can see it as a threat and can be Lead toaggressive behavior. 6. Never disturb a dog that is sleeping, eating, or caring for puppies. 7. Do not pet a dog without allowing it to see and sniff you first. 8. If bitten, immediately report the attack to the right authorities.
You can follow all precautions and a dog that attacks can still occur. If you are attacked by a dog, you should immediately report the bite to the right authorities. Besides, if you have suffered injuries as a result of dog attacks, you may be entitled to compensation from the dog owners for all costs associated with your injury. It is essential that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the attack dog, to determine the best strategy for your case.

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