Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ice fishing is fun

Ice fishing can prove a highly enjoyable activity for you if you have one of those who love the frozen lake and a small hole in the ice so to look in the blue. For most people who enjoy fishing, basically the beginning of the cold wave means they have to hang on their hooks. But this is not true if you are a lover of ice fishing. Following are some practical tips to help you in pursuing this great activity.
As individuals, I always find this type of fishing in a sort of consolation prize if you are unable to operate under normal conditions. Moreover, it can also give adequate time and facilities for a few drinks on your own. But I did a lot of ice fishing in my life, and the few useful tips I've gathered would be useful for you. ï ¿½ ï ¿½ "
Be prepared ï ¿½ ï ¿½ "Because there is no ice, the temperature is naturally quite low. Make sure you are well protected against the cold. Remember the cardinal rule never to get your limbs cold. Because the primary things you need in this activity if your limbs starts freezing, it becomes increasingly difficult for you to ice fishing. Place on more than one pair of mittens and socks at a time to provide extra insulation by the freezing cold.
Actually you will find it useful to buy a pair of gloves and worn liners. This basically gives a double protection for your fingers. And during a fishing trip when you remove your gloves for some real tricky maneuver with a hook, glove liners still keep your fingers warm.
Time it right - ice fishing requires much patience. This applies especially when cold. Then it would be more useful if you time your trips according to the activities of fish. Fish movements are largely determined by the lunar cycle, and the climax pattern of a particular place. If you want to be sure that when the fish go to the most active time for the fish, to investigate and plan for the moon and the weather.
Right Bait - if you really want ice fishing seriously, then use gang hooks is a great idea. These are basically small hooks tied together and gives the bait as naturally as possible. Actually, as for people like synthetic bait, pre-tied gang hooks are the best bet. Indeed, twice as much bait as a regular hook provides, which usually attracts more and more fish to your bait and hook. A small glands of a size 10 or 12 is connected to your line. The best thing about turning is that it almost disappears under water, and thus seem as natural as possible.
Basically with the right timing and right hooks, it is not difficult to become a pro at ice fishing. So you can use the above tips and you should be an enjoyable and satisfying ice fishing adventure.

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