Friday, February 25, 2011

Want to know how to train a dog?

Want to know how to train a dog? Training dogs in general will require patience, hard work, determination, time and effort. Training dogs is not as easy as it seems. But it is doable. Education and training dogs is something similar to learning new things to children. Sometimes you do something now and then recap. As a coach, it is your duty to see that the old tricks before you bite into your dog back to teach some new tricks. Length of time as a dog can completely master a trick or a program depends on how quickly a dog can be a lesson to absorb. Dogs are often cited as man's best friend. It is probably true, for among all animals and dogs are the ones who best understand and follow orders. Dogs are able to learn and understand. Well-trained dogs respond very well to their owners requests or gestures. The only thing they can not do is speak directly to people.
Dogs are classified into different categories, and among the general pieced dogs and guard dogs. It is important that you know your dog's breed, as this will help you understand the nature of your dog better. For example: Shit Tzus are playful in nature and are known as toy dogs. If you plan to monitor how well these dogs at the house of a train, you can do it. But you can not expect to be as flexible and as aggressive as a watchdog. How to train a dog some basic knowledge about dogs themselves require. Dogs are like people, because each race has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. As a trainer and owner, it is better if you strengths and weaknesses as early as possible so you can customize or design a special training program for your dog.
Never hit your dog as a form of punishment, because it will not help at all. Your dog may prove to be a very aggressive dog or a traumatized dog. Dogs are like people, and damage, get them to rebel. How to train a dog is going out of teaching your dog the meaning of the word "No", then when they hear that word, he / she knows that you ask him / her to stop. It's okay to raise your voice, so the dog will understand that you are not satisfied with what he does. Learn how you reward your dog when he was perfectly done what you told him to do. Having a dog means learning to take on new responsibilities and you can not just give up every time your dog is not doing what you told him to do because you have to understand that some learn faster than others and it is normal. Dogs are one of the most loyal pets and companions. It is believed that dogs are anxious to have feelings of their owner, so show them that you love.

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