Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things to consider before planning to owe a dog

Owning a dog can be very rewarding but also very demanding. Many things to think about when considering a dog at home. You are responsible for your dog's behavior. It is important that as much information as possible about the training, dog behavior and dog body language, as this will help you in and out of the house.
You can also find professional help.
Ten questions to ask yourself before deciding to get a dog.
1 Why do you want a dog? 2 Does everyone in the family wants the dog? 3 is a member of the family allergic to dog fur? 4 You can enter a dog for the whole of his life, about 15 years? 5 Do you have a safe home for a dog? 6 The house and garden should be kept clean and free of anything that might hurt the dog. The garden should also be fully enclosed. 7 Do you have time? 8 dog needs regular walks, training, socialization, play and grooming. Even in this horrible cold wet days or when you feel really tired 9. 10 Can you afford a dog? Dogs are not cheap to buy or maintain them. You have to pay for initial vaccinations and annual boosters, regular worming and flea treatment. The cost of castration (optional), dog, dog tag, microchip, collar, lead, food and water bowls, and dog grooming brush (maybe trips to the trimmers) should be taken into account. You should consider paying for dog insurance or put money aside in case your dog is sick or injured and end up in medical bills. If you have no one to look after your dog while you are away you will have to pay for kennels. Which breed is right for you and your family? Pure breed or crossing? Bitch or dog? The answer to 8, 9, 10, research, research, research. We all have different lifestyles and some varieties are more suitable for some people than others. You can move some varieties more than others and need some breeds are better with children than others, the list goes on.

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