Monday, February 14, 2011

Boxer Dogs

Boxer is a stocky, medium-, short-haired dog with a smooth fawn or colored coat and square-jawed muzzle. Boxers have very strong bite and a strong jaw. They are part of Molossian group of dogs, bred from the extinct German bulldog and English bulldog.
Based on 2006 American Kennel Club statistics, Boxers seventh most popular breed in the U.S. - a position they have since 2002 - with about 35 388 new registrations dog during the year.
Breed Group: Working Weight: male: 65-80, female: 50-65 lbs
Height: Male: 22.5 to 25, women: 21 to 23.5 inches Color (s): fawn and brindle, with or without white flashing and black mask.
Character: Boxers are lively, strong and very loyal. You have a very high energy level. You play with pride, but never arrogant. They have a stoic attitude, and are intelligent, loving, beautiful companion.
Temperament: The Boxer is patient, dignified and secure. They show interest, but wary of strangers. They are not suited to a two-career family. Inadequate attention to it can in "bad" behavior in an attempt to elicit notice.
Training: The Boxer is clever and quick to learn. Obedience training is essential. They require a dominant owner capable of controlling them. They are not good for rough handling. Training needs for fairness, firmness and consistency there. To know more about training visit Hanna sky
Boxers are not the right dog for everyone. You want to drool, shed many snoring and all. If you're worried elegant carpets in your home is a good Boxer Information: This is not the dog for you. And when her short hair is everywhere, they really need a good brush to keep it under control. They also love the attention comes with a brush
Dog Show, a very addictive hobby, be very expensive and very time consuming, but once you begin, you can rarely stop it is to win such a fantastic feeling to your first rosette your adrenaline just goes flat out and you just want to own. In Britain there are four types of exhibitions, companion, Shows Limit, Open and Championship:
COMPANION SHOWS: These shows are ideal for beginners / novice show in the world, most of us began by attending these shows and it is a good place to practice.
LIMIT INDICATOR: must be run by individual clubs, dog, and is limited to members of the association. The shows probably the best place to start your career shows how a lot of help and advice without pressure from the larger shows, competitive, is given.
Open shows: These shows have a broader range of classes and tend to become more competitive. In some classes, you're against dogs of other breeds.
CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW: This shows the possibility for breeding purposes, special group, such as hunting dogs, work, etc., or for all breeds. The dogs that win each class for Challenge Certificates (CC) men and women compete separately. When you're three C's three different judges composed your dog to a champion.

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