Sunday, February 27, 2011

Guide on Carp fishing

any are interested in starting carp fishing as a hobby, especially as the carp so great. And let's face it, we all love getting a big catch fish. The bigger the better!
This will try to make a little step by step guide to make getting started, but remember, it only covers the basics, but it should be enough to get started with this exciting new hobby.
Let's begin:
Learn the facts and try to make the following known uncertainties:
How is the water, it is easy to access to the margins, or the weeds in the water. Or is the carp usually stay far away from the country? Check local carp fishermen to obtain an estimate of how big the carp to expect.
During this uncertainty, we know the following decisions:
a) What kind of fishing we will do
- The most common types are: distance fishing, fishing in the margins, and stalking carp fishing in weed
b) Decide which bar you need
- There are two dominant factors that determine what kind of rod you get. Approximate weight of carp - how much weight your rod handle and what kind of fishing you do. If you want to fish in the margins and stalking carp, you'll need more equipment than you need for distance casting, you should be able to move gently in the water. If you have a longer casting distance you want to stick to the line as far as throwing.
c) Experiment with bait.
If you go for distance casting, you can use a combination of lures and live bait. While fishing the margins often require live bait or homemade boiler. If your boiler, you should look for a good balance between attractors, nutrition and pH. You'll probably have to continue experimenting on what best suits the lake you are fishing in.
To see how easy it is to start. If you are new to fishing you may want to read my articles about carp fishing, carp fishing bait carp to learn more.

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