Sunday, February 27, 2011

Choosing the right polarized sunglasses are important for both your health and enjoyment.

If there is anything we have too much of our society, the stress. Too much stress and too much worry. Stress reduces our life. Stress makes us grumpy. Stress is eating away at our insides.
Is there a way out? We will get away?
Yes ... We head off to fish. Fishing is one of the most peaceful things you can do, right up there with sleeping (sleeping while your fish is better, but that's another story for another post). Fish is famous for its calming effect. Go to any war zone and trade their guns for fishing lines and the world is at peace.
After all the planning - where, when, how - you need to grab your tackle box and make sure it is properly equipped to make. Chances are that the contents would look like:
- Pain or lures - Fishhook - Snacks - Fish hook sharpener - Split Ring - Many of the fishing line - Flashlight - Fishing Knives - First aid kit (just in case) - More Snacks - Small pliers - Spinners - Platinum - Swivels - Snaps - More Snacks - Bobber - Fishing Line Clippers - Fish scales - Tape Measure - More snacks ... no, wait ... a six pack.
But with all to address and prepare a snack, so you have a treasured items and forget item tool to help you locate your fish a better life and a few hoursbeneath an unforgiving day on a defenseless boat. Yes, it will pass a hat, but that's not what I'm talking about. Agreed, sunscreen is important, but it is not, either. I refer to polarized sunglasses day.
Why sunglasses? Why polarized?. Choosing the right polarized sunglasses are important for both your health and enjoyment.
Sunglasses because the sun's harmful UV rays is increased when on a fishing trip when the glare of the sun bounce off the water. No trees. No buildings. There is no accommodation. The sun beats down on you for hours. And bounce you out of the water for hours. Over the years, too much exposure to UV rays can cause permanent damage to your eyes. Maximum protection against UVA, UVB and UVC light is your goal.
Some risks along the ...
- Cataracts - a clouding of the lens of the eye that we see the light diminishes and can eventually lead to blindness
- Macular degeneration - loss of sight in the middle of the field is difficult to read, recognize faces, drive, etc.
- Pterygium - small growths on your cornea
- Solar keratitis - sunburn right cornea, chronic and painful, and perhaps a forerunner of a number of other eye diseases could be made today.
- Skin cancer around the eyes, where it is difficult to apply sunscreen
Specifically why polarized sunglasses? The shine from the water may be blind, and after a while your eyes can get pretty tired of the strain. Polarized sunglasses block nearly 100% of the incident light coming from the water. They are designed with vertical polarization. Because the light reflects off the water in the form of horizontally polarized light, they also allow the fisherman to be seen below in the water in the area to help them fish. So, while it is important for any activity which is surrounded by reflection from snow canoeing, polarized sunglasses are doubly useful for fishermen.
If you fish in shallow water, amber lenses will help you to better see the fish. For example, the Bigmouth Bass, who survives by blending into the background, can easily be seen by the yellow filter.
Polarized lenses also help you see dead head lurking just below the surface, so even fish skippers a double reason to wear them have - they reduce the blinding glare that hurts your eyes, and they reduce the blinding glare y that keeps you looking below the surface.

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