Monday, February 21, 2011

What are your thopughts how often should one wash their dog?

Most opinions can be found on the Internet recommend washing your dog a few times a year!
Either these people have outdoor cats or the articles were written long ago when the quality of pet shampoo was very bad! Times have changed! Today, the dogs enjoy shampoo and conditioner that is on par with the best human shampoo is not harsh chemicals, stripping it of all oils.
Arguments against washing your dog too often is generally about stripping hair of natural oils. The more you wash something that the more sebum (oil) will be removed. Think of your own hair. If you do not wash, what happens? It will be greasy. Oil is good for your hair? Probably, but we wash our hair every day anyway, so it's clean!
There are several factors you should consider when deciding how often you wash your dog, including:
1. Does your dog live inside or outside, and your dog to sleep in bed? If your dog lives in your home with you and more importantly, if he / she sleeps in bed, then you are probably going to wash your dog regularly, depending on the breed anywhere from once a week to once a Mon I know this is radical thinking, but if your dog sits on the couch, you probably do not want him pulling the dirt, poop, insects and other debris on the bank. So the trade-off is that your dog's coat may be marginally drier, but you have a fresh scent dog can cuddle without the fear that the gross stuff is getting in magazines.
2. Race
Dogs with dry skin, can be bathed less often than dogs with oily skin. Hard-textured layers of dirt quite well, so they are not as dirty as a soft-coated dog. Dogs, the Maltese, Dachshunds, Afghans and Shitzus be bathed once a week. Hard coated breeds, Shelties and Collies can, be bathed once a month. If you are unsure, do not forget, a clean dog is a happy dog!
One of my dog is a Maltese and I can not imagine washing it less than once a week. Small white dog pick up much dirt and week-end they are looking to brown instead of white. I also hate the name, but long-haired dogs are getting the famous stick defecated onto their buttocks.
My other dog, a Westie who has a thicker coat, lget not so dirty, but I have to wash her every week, because the next point allergies.
3. Is there anyone in your household allergic to dogs?
In this case, you groom and bathe them often. According to the American Lung Association, will help dander that accumulates on the fur of a pet to remove.
I'm allergic to one of my dogs, and if I did not wash once a week I get cold and wheezing.
4. What activities does your dog participate in?
Take your dog to the dog park? Are you a dog playing in the sand or dirt? Does your dog roll in the grass or swimming or walking? How about sniffing butts, eating poop or drool?
Well if you have a normal dog, they probably eat more of the above activities, all talk regular bathing. Again, you have to think of bartering. Your dog's coat may become marginally drier HOWEVER, he will be cleaner, smell better, and especially you will be more inclined to clean a dog much love to give. These smelly dogs have a tendency to keep arms length.
5. Does your dog suffer from an itchy skin? Unlike humans, most environmental allergens absorbed through their nose and mouth, the dog allergens tend to absorb through the skin. Weekly bathing can prevent itchiness, washing allergens away before they get the chance to penetrate the skin.
So at the end of it all - the answer for most dogs is to wash them once a week to once a month, depending on the circumstances.
But remember, use a mild pet shampoo and conditioner. Do not use your own shampoo. Click here for an article about why not use your shampoo on your dog.
Even if you can not wash your dog for a longer period, you can use a dry shampoo, dry as a Dog Instant Clean - This is a really effective spray on bath replacement, that helps to get rid of bad smell. Also, if your dog is a nonprofit, all natural and organic foods likely that your companion will be less smelly. Our favorite is a dehydrated raw pet food from honest

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