Thursday, February 3, 2011

Did you know that stress in cats can result in unusual behaviour from them

Has your cat recently started to act a little strange? Maybe it started to act a little aggressively towards you or other family members? Or maybe it will be afraid of something or someone for no apparent reason? As for the strange behavior, it is important to the bottom of it before it develops.
What is the most cat owners do not know is that the sudden change in behavior of cats may be a result of stress. If you're like most owners of cats and was not sure how to help your cat friend here is a little helpful advice.
Stress Understanding Cats
Cats, like many other creatures vulnerable to stressful situations. Each case that comes with suddenly changing your environment or a cat person before the house can cause severe stress on your cat. Some cats take to change with little or no behaviorial problems at all, but most cats do not react this way. Most cats show fear and uncertainty by becoming aggressive or withdrawn. No matter how small changes can be, your cat probably going to feel stressed and respond. Some of the changes that stress your cat: the transition, and not just switch to a different house, or just moving furniture in your home. (Especially if they have cat stuff you move.) Another stressful events as a new member in the family whether it be a new man on the move or a new pet joins.
However, after all these stressors investigated and concluded that either would be the reasoning behind your cats stress, it is important that your cat to a veterinarian friend. Because change is not the only reason for a cat behaviorial problems is essentially to exclude disease. Yes, disease may be a reason for your cat is a cat acting strangely.When bad they can not tell you what's wrong with them, so their behavior will change in the hope that you notice or just because they are sick.
Once the cause of stress in your cat is found, you can then focus on dealing with problems.
How cats cope with stress
How do you deal with stress in your cat depends entirely on what it is that your cat is stressed. Sometimes patience is the best cure and this is especially true if you move homes. Start by placing the cat in a room and let him slowly become familiar with the house. The cat its own room, will involve longer feel safe there and if it is not afraid once it is exposed to the rest of the house, it will automatically switch to 'his' room to relax.
For other stressors or when your patience wears thin that you can always go to commercial products to help you. In a product that is "Rescue Remedies" to call including the Bach flower remedy ingredient is used to assist in letting your cat to relax a bit. This product is not only used for cats, but also many other animals and even men. This is how it works when it comes to cats. U 2-3 drops in their drinking water. This is a quick and easy way to relieve some stress cat. Sometimes cats will not drink water with this product since it is the taste Acohol content. If this is the case rememdy can put behind their ears.
When examining your cat behavior problems, first know that stress is a factor supplied. So, if your cat exhibit strange behavior or communication of the changes that people can refer to your cat.

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