Monday, February 7, 2011

Gather some information on The Maine Coon

This beautiful cat that has a nice bushy tail, which is striped and has a long coat, a cat that was indeed surprising, given how great it was. The Maine Coon is native to North America and there are actually coming from the state of Maine, where it is produced by the State Cat.
The Maine Coon is more than a century, and it is believed that their physical design can withstand the harsh winter in New England. Everything from their overall size, so the shape of their feet, the thickness of their fur makes them suitable for animal harsh winter weather. Moreover, their coat is a waterproof quality.
Like so many pets, a number of legends grew up around them, some may be true, and certainly not others. It is suggested that the Maine Coon is a product of the domestic cat and the raccoon mating, but most experts believe that it is not possible. Other suggestions are that the native North American cat cat crossed with the Vikings, and it is a possibility because the contracts between the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat.
Maine Coon Cats of the day would not be considered a part of the race at a time. Only brown tabbies were defined as Maine Coon Cats, and any "Maine Coon" of a different color is defined as a Cat Maine woods. Cat Experts largely agree that the Maine Coon is a product of mating between a domestic shorthair cats with long-haired cats from overseas at a time when people began to migrate from Europe.
Maine Coon Cats also have unique personalities. They are often compared to the dog indeed. Unlike most cat breeds, the Maine Coon is very sociable people and other pets. The cats will actually run with you when you call them, and tend to sit at the door waiting for you when you get home. They do just as much love and attention.
You may or may not be aware that cat shows are in the country since 1861, and it was in 1900, the introduction of the Persian cat, the Maine Coon popularity began to melt. But they are bouncing back in the 1950s and their association was founded in 1968, the Maine Coon breeders and fanciers association with the express purpose of protecting the race. But it was still 12 years before all recognized breed registries.
Now there are thousands of people who own, show and love the Maine Coon. The MCBFA, established long ago, with only six breeders, who now has a membership of more than 200 growers, with an estimated 2000 other members (non-breeders) as well.
You may be interested to know that today, the Maine Coon cat is the state of Maine in the United States, and it is said that the most bred cat in the world.

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