Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here are some important things that one should know about cats

There are several things you might not know about your cat. Why is your cat behaves in a certain way? Why is your cat always sleeping? There are many questions that come when you a new cat owner.
Cats are wonderful animals and they are even healthy for humans. Research shows that having cats as pets, but would facilitate a person's physiological, emotional and psychological side.
These benefits can heal wounds loneliness, age, stress and depression. Moreover, cat loving, but less demanding, low maintenance and it would certainly be very suitable for people with a modern lifestyle.
According to the Society for Companion Animal Studies, patients recover or live longer through animals. It was discovered that the pet would definitely mild cases of a physiological or psychological disorders in humans.
What more facts about cats decide:
- Cats have been associated with humans more than 9000 years
- Cats can be trained to obey simple commands
- Adult pet cats weighing between 2 and 8 kg, but some breeds like the Maine Coon can reach up to 20 kg.
- Cats usually live between 14 and 20 years, but there are cats over 30 years
- Cats can move each ear independently of the other
- It's a natural cat scratch vertical surfaces. They do it to clean the claws and stretch their muscles
- Cats as pets could also help protect against stress
- Cats need to sleep very long. They sleep 16 hours or longer
- There are over 500 million domestic cats in the world
- A cat heart beats twice as fast as a human heart
- Cats can "read" people's mood.
- A cat has 1-8 kittens per litter up to three litters per year.
- 21% of American households have a cat
- Cats need five times more protein than dogs
- The fastest land animal is a cat, the cheetah can reach 60 kmh
It can be very funny to have a cat. They do some weird things or helps us to relax. Having a cat means have a good friend. Cats are very intelligent, they notice when you feel good or stressed.
have a cat also means some extra work to do. You need to enter your cat, play with it, ensuring in the litter ... There are many things to ensure your cat a nice house to live give and take. If your cat does not feel safe to be sick or even abandoned.
There are certain things you should never do to a cat:
- Declaw: not even think about, it's like amputating your toes! In Germany and other European countries, declaw is prohibited by law.
- Never punsh or kick your cat, your cat crual not in any way. They will not forget ...
- Never leave children alone with cats
- Non-shower or bath your cat, they clean themselves
- Do not bother your cat with loud music, their ears are more sensitive than our
If you are unsure about anything, go to your vet, he has the answers to your questions.

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