Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here is some information on Cat Hunting Tendencies

Imagine a sophisticated hunting machine and individuals will surely think of their beloved cats. Cats are natural hunters and they possess all the physical tools and skills necessary to hunt prey. They have enough speed, athleticism, flexibility, and killer instinct, which are important characteristics of a strong fighter.
However, cats are born hunters, who kill for food. Instead, tracing, killing and hunting are learned behaviors. Possibility of hunger can not drive or teach a cat to kill it. cats can be an expert hunter and mouse can not eat a mouse or if you want to eat at any time. Jose dead rat as a play.
Many domestic cats also are good rodent and bird hunters. However, they may not hunt every day. If food is served by the owner of the animal is not sufficient, rodents or birds to cats hunt meet.
Hunting lessons:
Kittens develop the basic skills to hunt down this last stretch of their birth. They know that the capacity for coordination, hunting, and the time while playing. They are empowered to adjust their speed to the speed of the latter. They throw themselves on the victim by guessing the distance. So lets play with the cats and kittens to learn and make judgments through experience.
As the kitten grows, the mother cat teaches the young cats to kill for food. The first lesson is to bring the dead end and eat in front of young cats. Soon, they also joined. At the end of the first lesson, mother cat brings dead-end and place it in front of the kittens, so they could eat themselves.
However, most people who have cats in their homes whenever it tabby and drop in before or at the foot of cat owners of the child. This is particularly visible in the sterilization of cats, because that way, he tries to teach young people, who otherwise she did for her own kittens.
The second lesson is on the hunt to bring death with a slight delay. The cat then finishes off the last in front of her kittens. Later, he left the kittens to practice these skills and teach them to kill the wounded late or slow.
Gradually, the cats make more kills at home until kittens become expert in these skills. Finally, kittens accompany the mother cats. They hunt and kill prey for themselves.
Cats are excellent hunters, but pet owners may have noticed, their cats often torture their victims before killing them. Some say it is because of lack of confidence in them. Cats are anxious that their preys are not completely dead and can not defend themselves or bite them at any time.
Domestic cats are often desired to eat the food and their natural tendency to hunt is usually decreased considerably. Consequently, cats play hunting by wiggling your fingers, ears and fingers of the person. Thus, house cats chase the imaginary end and they run up and down in the house, curtains, tables and wrack thing in this process.

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