Thursday, February 3, 2011

Take care of your cat in natural way

Caring for your cat is easy when you try to remember their origins. Is domesticated does not mean you should specify how they would in the wild. Cats have evolved in nature over the millennia. They have been domesticated for a pittance in comparison.
This means that their nutritional and emotional needs are the same as those of their ancestors. In an attempt to provide the best care to look at this cat means needs.
Let's first look at their nutritional needs.
Feral cats hunt alone. They hunt small animals, sometimes to their own size, but usually smaller than themselves. They rarely eat anything other than freshly killed meat.
Contrasting this with a typical cat diet of dried pellets and you realize how off-label commercial pet food is. Even when dried grains are made with prime cuts of meat (as they are not), the meat is fresh or raw.
So if you try to create most complete cat care, what do your cat?
In my opinion the best dog food raw meat and bones. You can not do a copy of a wild cat's diet, but you can not so close to her health at risk. Cat care starts with food, because it is consumed daily. Done something far greater impact on our everyday health than say something that only happens once a year.
If a cat eats its prey, she will eat all meat, including bones. Bones are the best source of calcium for a cat. And the meat can only be properly digested when consumed with bones. After all, carnivores eat meat with bones.
Not only that, cracking bones is the best way to get your teeth and gums healthy, as long as they are not too large. Dried pellets can not do so well, despite promises on the label.
Some believe that giving a cat raw meat will trigger their hunting instinct. In my experience, it means the opposite. Because raw meat is nutrient dense, you feel happy cat and will not feel the need to supplement his diet when fed a nutrient deficient diet.
Natural cat care also means providing your cat with its basic emotional and physical needs. Cats are intelligent and curious. They need visual stimulation. This is best served by the outside where nature provides a plethora of stimulation.
If it is impossible or too dangerous to let your cat outside, sure she has access to safe stimulants, perhaps in the form of toys to make. Make sure you play with her to ensure she gets enough exercise.
Sun is an important aspect of a good cat care. Cats love sun and it is important for good health for everyone, not just your cat. Regular access to an outdoor run will allow her to choose for themselves. For only cats, make sure there are times when a window (safely) to rays of the sun, not bothered by glass or plastic box.
Easy care cat cat really means the freedom they want. Cats indoors is limited to good husbandry,
I also believe that declaw cats is not only shameful inhuman, depriving the cat of the natural joy of stretching. If you are considering declaw your cat, maybe you should consider a cat is not for you. Cats have already changed a lot with us. They spend an unnecessary, inhumane and painful surgery is for your benefit, not your cats.
Cats gives us an abundance affection, love and joy. Enough to cat care, we should at least do the same for them.

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