Sunday, February 6, 2011

Choose a good and comfortable bed for your Cat

If you're one of those people who love your cat, but would prefer not hog the bed at night her bed may be the answer. Cats love comfort and warmth. A cozy cat bed that can keep them warm in winter and gives a soft, comfortable nest, is probably the best way to lure them to your bed, your couch and you have full seats.

There are so many types and styles of cat beds that finding one that suits your interior is not too hard. You can search for colorful cat beds in fun pet prints that add a touch of fun to the room, or you can buy cat beds with designer elegance instead. Of course, your cat more concerned with how the bed feels than how it looks.

Cat beds often fleece pillows to keep comfortable. These beds are oval with high sides or they can actually be completely closed to form a cozy bed ready. Cats like to snuggle up in a safe place, that is why so many of them manage to squeeze in some strange places sofas a nap.

Some nest beds are heated to even add more heat. If you have a cat that spends time on the sidewalk or in other cold regions, you could consider him one of these beds.

Cat mats protect your furniture and give your cat a special place to be. They can be rolled up and stored when furniture needs to be presentable for business and they can save you extra vacuuming. Sprinkle a little cat nip on the mat can help your cat the perfect spot for a nap to convince.

A cat perch, a padded board is another popular piece sleeping equipment. Fix cat perch on your window so your cat can look out the window and dream of stalking the wild birds he sees as he naps.

When you buy a cat bed, do not be surprised if your cat ignores it completely in a while. If he refuses to explore the bed, you may want a catnip toy to add to bed to his attention. Placing the bed in a cat friendly location makes it attractive to your cat. Cats are indifferent to nap in low places. Instead, put the cat bed on an end table or platform that is a few inches from the floor. Also make sure the bed is not an area that receives heavy traffic. If your cat feels he can never let down his guard to relax, and he will not want to sleep in his bed.

Cat condos, vertical structures carpet designed for cats, is perfect if you have more than one cat or cats do not want a lot of beds in your home. Cats are natural climbers, and seem likely to recognize as their terrain. Perches and caves make perfect nap carpet stains and poles are designed for scratching.

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