Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tips on potty Training your Cat

Are you tired of that cat urine smell in the house? Are you frustrated with your cat constantly marking their territory with urine? If you answered yes to these questions, then you're potty training your cat! Urine marking is the most effective way to get your cat in its territory, which sends a message to other cats he has claimed this area as his trademark.
Potty Training Your Cat is the best way to avoid this urine marking. It's not just stop with those made of cat urine smell in the house, but it will also give your cat a proper sense of toilet routine.
If a cat is new to your house, ask them to explore the place freely, but keep it within a dozen days. Offering more than one cat, and if you live in a multi-storey house, you need a litter box on each floor to have. If you have more than one cat, there must be at least one more litter box than there are cats.
Cats are shy toilets so try placing the litter box in the whole areas of the house, away from family and other animals. Make sure the tray is partially filled with a uniform layer of commercial cat litter, and remove soiled litter daily. It should also be completely emptied and cleaned with a safe disinfectant at least twice a week.
If your cat does not mess in parts of the house where it should not, do not rub his nose. Your cat will not understand why you do it, actually punish your cat as this will prevent him and stunt his learning, making it even harder for him to train.
Besides giving a good portion of clean, well-placed litter boxes around the house, you also need a father to your cat unlimited supply of fresh drinking water. Cats are susceptible to a urinary disorder which is a complaint where large crystals form in the bladder of the cat. These are then placed in the urethra of the cat, which restricts the flow of urine, making the cat very sick.
So when potty training your cat and ensure that adequate clean drinking water, you not only get rid of the cat urine smell in the house, you also help your cat stay healthy. And a healthy cat is a happy cat.

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