Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here are some cool tips for Cat Owners

There are many does and don'ts when you have a cat or, for that matter any pet. Cats have no resemblance to dogs and they tend to be a little more attitude (or personality) to show. Cats can be trained and we just need to know how to do it. Here are a few of the cat owner tips that most cat owners do not know:
Need Pet Foods, not human Foods
Do not make the mistake of trying to feed babies every human baby cereal. Most human baby corn "corn" based in nature, Kittens weaned on raw meat (ie, mothers will be fresh kills back to the nest for the kittens.) So kittens really do not know quite what to do with porridge, that smells all wrong. NO, I do not suggest you try to feed the kittens raw meat, my point is that cats are carnivores and their food should be meat based, not grain based. So do feed your kitten's healthy cat food instead.
Neutering a male
You'd be surprised how many people actually refuse to have cats neutered for various reasons, but soon they will change the mind and that's mostly because calm your cat. It is better for your cat neutered for their sixth or seven months of life, it's not too late to change your adult male. Behaviors like fighting, urine spraying and roaming will be dramatically reduced. Castration should be performed by a veterinarian, and requires general anesthesia. Post-op care involves monitoring, keeping the incisions clean and dry, keeping your cat inside. Incisions heal within three to five days. Ask your veterinarian for more information.
Find a Top Notch Vet for declaw
I can not lie: There is a lot of negative press which the horrors of declaw your cat. I know that some of the pressure comes from bad experiences with less than qualified individuals the operation. Some of the bad press is from animal rights activists. Whatever your political views on this issue, make sure you have an experienced and reputable veterinarian. In my personal opinion I do not recommend declaw your cat. If you're worried about him scratching your furniture or your expensive curtains you can get him trained. To do this it will not accept second best with your own health or the health of your children, do not settle for second best with the quality of your veterinarian. Questions.
Poisonous houseplants
Beware of the plants you have in your home, they can be very bad health problems for your cat. Cats tend to like to lick or chew on houseplants, indoor plants and not all good to chew. The berries of mistletoe are poisonous to cats and people. Other dangerous plants to cats are: Dieffenbachia, Poinsettia, english ivy, crocus, lilies, and others.
Low Cost Medical Advice
And the last cat owner tips that I have is if your cat is ill or injured accidentally and cat needs veterinary care, but your budget does not allow for a really expensive vet. Call your local animal shelter / dog pound, humane society, ASPCA, or rescue organization. They have lists of low cost vets in your area, and can even help pay for medical bills in some cases.

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