Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do make it a point to toilet train your cat and make your life easier

Cleaning a smelly litter box is not exactly the most appealing activity one can imagine. And messy litter that sticks around on the carpet, the room smells ... But have you ever thought about training your cat to use the toilet? Would not it be easier when you could just flush it?
There are some questions you should consider before deciding to toilet train your cat. Cats are able to flush the toilet just because they are not heavy enough to manipulate the flushing mechanism. So you do it yourself. This means that elimination allowed to sit in your toilet for a while. But, the smell of cat poop is much less clear when submerged in water. If you have two separate bathrooms in your house, you can see the toilet less often used to assign your cat, so do not be ashamed when you have guests.
You can find many books and articles on cat training, but what works and what does not depend on your cat's personality and individual preferences. Young kittens can not balance very well, so you'll have to wait 5 to 6 months at what age their movement and motor skills are more developed. On the other hand, a cat is never too late to clean unless it suffers from a condition to prevent jumping and balancing, such as arthritis.
Before you begin to train your cat to use the toilet should be trained to use litter tray and family to get used to hold open shower and toilet lid up!
Measure the largest diameter of your toilet and buy a metal bowl that will get stuck in it. You may need some adjustments. Do not buy anything from plastic, it's just not strong enough to support weight and the cat can bend and break. You also need some flushable litter to buy at this time, so your cat has time to get used to.
A gradual shift of the litter tray closer to the bathroom. Allow a few days for the cat to adapt to each new position. When the box next to the toilet and your cat is used, you can begin to rise higher, until it is flush with toilet. Make sure the box is stable and can not turn around. At this point, place the metal bowl in the toilet. Wait a few days until the cat is comfortable to use hill at this level.
Now it is time to shift from cat to make bowl. Fill the bowl with (flushable) litter and the cat is used to remove litter. Wait a week or two to get the cat time to feel comfortable using the bowl to give.
Then gradually reduce the amount of waste in the bowl until no litter at all. Wait again until the cat is used to remove the empty bowl. If the cat feet still resting in the bowl at this point you can fill with water like cats do not like their feet wet. This should help the cat learn to balance on the seat. Stopped again. Then cut the bottom of the bowl so that all eliminations just fall into the toilet water. Wait a few days and then remove the bowl. Voila, your cat is toilet trained.
Most cats successfully potty trained. Some of them learn quickly and can be trained in as little as 2-3 weeks, others can take two months or longer, but it is worth to be patient if your salary is goodbye forever to buy smelly bin.

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