Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What is a good and right way to correct your cat in her Training period

To punish is the hardest part in training a pet especially with cat. There are many ways a trainer can punish the cat. This can be through words, actions or something physical. But there are things that must be considered when punishing a cat during cat training.
1. Find the perfect moment. There is a perfect time a cat should be punished during training. A penalty will only be effective if delivered immediately after the cat has done something which is not desirable.
If the cat is punished later after the misbehavior, will be unable to associate punishment with the misbehavior. Cats do not understand the same way people do. That is why it is important to associate the undesired action to deliver punishment.
2. Punishment does not mean that the trainer has to hurt the cat. Cats are just animals and are not aware of what is right or wrong. Punishing a cat by the infliction of pain in their body is not good.
Apart from the fact that the infliction of physical pain is against Animal Rights, the cat will only be provoked and can fight back. It can only mean that the trainer be bitten by the cat. This will also result in the cat becoming violent, which can be very dangerous for children and other people close to it.
3. Other alternatives can also be used to correct a cat. One effective way is the reward and recognition method. The reward and recognition, the cat is strengthened to continue a loving behavior because a reward attached.
Rewards can be in the form of praise, petting, food or toys. If a cat did something well that was taught to do, the cat may be given rewards such as food, a yarn or a cuddly toy. The coach can immediately remove rewards if something undesirable happens. The cat will learn to use will be removed as the unwanted action is made again.

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