Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Famous Cat song

Perhaps the most famous Cat Song is The Siamese Cat Song recorded by Peggy Lee. The song is from the 1955 Walt Disney classic "The Lady and the tramp", an animated film about a classy Cocker Spaniel named Lady who falls for a long walk a mongrel barbarian. The song is about two arrogant cats, Si and Am, given Siamese cats a bad name ever since.
The Siamese Cat Song was written by Lee along with Sonny Burke and over the years was also recorded by Freddie and The Dreamers, Mitch Miller, Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin, Haylie Duff, and Bobby McFerrin. "We are Siamese if you please, We are Siamese if you do not want."
Both The Turtles and Petula Clark stepped into recording studios to very different versions of the cat in the window, a song that cat trying to get a window with the singer to fly to compare. "There's a cat in the window, and he was watching all the birds go by, he would like to fly out the window, where the air is going to go on, and so was I."
Who can forget the Muppets recording of The Cat came back, a song about a cat that just means his back no matter how far he had taken from home. "But the cat came back, he will stay away, he sat on the porch the next day."
In 1950, people were flooding into record stores and ask, but I Taw a Puddy tat I Tawt. Mel Blanc recorded the song, written by Alan Livingston, Billy May and Warren Foster, about the cartoon cat and canary duo Sylvester and Tweety. "Tawt I taw a puddy tat a creeping me, I got a taw puddy tat as plain as he could."
The Rooftop Singers followed up their 1963 number one hit Walk Right In, Tom Cat a ditty about 'Ringtail Tom' who likes to go "strutting around town" "And when she gets everything else other cats in the area they start yelling. "Fast forward to 1981 and the record of a stray Cats musically different song but with a very similar theme, the rockabilly wild Cat Strut. "Stray cat strut, I'ma ladies' cat, feline Casanova, hey man, that's where it get a shoe thrown at me from a mean old man, my dinner from a garbage is possible. "
Norma Tanega apparently owned a cat that she named 'Dog' and liked to believe that cat for walks, so his 1966 hit Walking my cat named Dog, who seems to be about his real life experience of a walk around town with his pet cats.
Most songs, however, that the word Cat in the tile, are not really cats at all. A good example is the fine song, Cats in the Cradle by Harry Chapin. No cats making an appearance to sing it, instead, the text contains a very chilling message that every dad should pay to listen too.
Bent Fabric, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre real name, was a hit in 1962 with Alley Cat, but it's an instrumental recording so it's not a song about cats. Aaron Copeland was instrumental The cat and mouse.
Cat People (Putting Out Fire) David Bowie recorded for the 1982 remake of the film Cat People. Great dark and menacing feel to the song, but the words are not related to cats.
The cat the cat crept in, recorded by the mud is actually a girl, like the cat in the Rolling Stones' wild Cat Blues, this time with very sharp nails.
They call her the Cat, by Elton John is about, well it's not about cats! By Honky Cat, another Elton tune, that one has a country boy moving to live in the city.
Three Cool Cats, is a song first recorded by the coasters in 1958 and covers of The Beatles in 1962 (but not released until 1995.) Of course, this song is not about cats, but about three girls and three teenage girls. The Beatles also recorded Little Willie John's Leave My Kitten alone, no surprise to discover that the song is not about a kitten.
U2 recorded a song titled An Cat Dubh, which apparently means The Black Cat in Gaelic, not a cat in the song though, black or otherwise.
No cats are in Year of the Cat by Al Stewart, Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent, The Love Cats by The Cure or in Cool for Cats by Squeeze. Who can tell what the cat was very sad by Bob Dylan is about?
There must be many other songs with the words Cat, or cats, the title, but its actually about our feline friends. Undoubtedly there are more songs about cats listed on this page, but those songs sadly seem few and far between.
But wait ... There is not a musical all about cats. Cats, the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, was first shown in London, England in 1981. Book based on TS Eliot's Old possum's Practical Cats the show features song after song about ... Gumbie, Grizabella, Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer, Skimbleshanks, Old Deuteronomy, Gus, Macavity and Mr.. Mistoffelees. All the characters are of course ... Cats.

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