Saturday, February 5, 2011

Get insight on Body language of a cat

Cats as pets, they are not only socially but also fashionable. Domesticated cats in the cat usually form communities based on sharing and love food. Cats bond together very quickly, that a very different man. Cats are very territorial, such as dogs. Sexually active male is dominant and is the largest area. Male-dominated cat colonies can be much larger than the areas close the cats.
Cats do not always cry because of hunger for food, but often cry because they are hungry sexual partner. Because cats are social animals, they cry because they want with our company. The cat should not cry every time, but they can talk and mumble. It is really frightening to hear the chatter of cats as old women. They must listen, and we have to talk again. Cats love when his master to speak a few comforting words.
Meow does not mean that a cat crying, but it's just a greeting. Cat crying may depend on what they are looking for, championship or sexual relationship. Cats can not cry because of boredom in rare cases. Cats also need rest and refreshment. Cats get stressed if they are not taken into account, may be designated and required to give pat the head, should not be fired when it rotates around the feet of his master, and it just goes away, if it is that the captain had had enough. If someone cares for her cats than to be present when the cat calls.
The cat follows its master around the right feeling. Cat looking at its head like a second mother. While the cat is old, never forget the feeling of participation, and management.
Cats use a variety of sounds, such as imitation to communicate with each other. They are very moody and can not do as yourself all the time. They have different body language signs that you can see how their tails, ears, feet and body are located.
There are many ways that a cat can stop crying like setting up a fun activity, a cat, ignore and walk to feed it regularly. Cats are able to utilize emotions to his master, because they can read.
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