Saturday, February 5, 2011

An insight on Hyperactive Cat

You go home after being away for a short time, or all day from work and your cat has taken over the house. The curtain hanging where they should be, a cup was tipped over the last few drops of coffee leave a stain on the carpet. In the morning paper that you are not able to finish reading, is torn to shreds. Now it's time to put an end to all this and train your cat. When you come home at night after work or gone for a short time, you come home in a nice quiet, clean home and a healthy cat content. 
Do not start by scolding your cat for all evil, and they come in while you where away. cat can not remember that far back. Do not reward your cat for misconduct. Also, do not go running after the cat, it makes you think they play with them and that is what they seek. Catch them in action doing something that is a good time to let your cat know it is not acceptable to do so. Reward your cat when they have good behavior is the best time. Sometimes if you have a really big problem with your cat attitude ", there are other options. You can purchase a kennel to put your cat in there for short periods. On the other hand , they get even a kitten psychiatrists are beginning to take their bad behavior. 
Starts when getting home spend some time with your cat relaxing. Cats can also help us to relax, it is known that a cat can help lower our blood pressure. Massaging your cat is another way to show them you care about them and helps them to relax, knowing that you will take good care of it. 
A cat that bored or alone has a tendency to do things when you are away. Have a safe and happy environment when you are away for your cat. Their special toys, strings items they play with. A ball, a scratching tree to climb, an empty box of some sort, so they have a place to hide and play with. Your cat can do many things while you are gone and not destroy your home. Make it a peaceful place near a window to have a place to look, look at you and sunbathe. 
When teaching the cat to correct behavior is needed to help them with it. Cats will not exercise themselves. Take time every day and play with your cat. Teaching your cat how to play with toys and give them points. Reward your cat for good behavior, with a healthy treat or special toy or just a simple massage will also be rewarding for a cat. 
A healthy cat can learn good manners, and this is why it is important for regular visits to the vet. Cats require shots, and healthy food for them. A cat which is lazy and fat is not a healthy cat. Cats will not behave well for you and are almost impossible to train. It is important to feed healthy foods and snacks for your cat. This will help continue to build healthy bones and muscles for playtime and continue to let the brain develop so that training comes easier as you go. 
There are natural supplements that are not a drug that can give the cat to help her fear and aggression control. Older cats are harder to train for new behaviors then kittens. When they were young, they are not sure what is right and wrong. Kittens are born with some instincts that are not good behavior. Kittens tend to be more playful and speaks to more things. That is why it is essential to start your cat with a very young age to teach them good behavior and keep them from becoming ill. Remember when your cat running in circles, or have a bad day. It does not make a cat do. Relax yourself and your cat.

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