Saturday, February 5, 2011

Want to geher some details on how to feed a fat cat

Garfield the cat is the icon of all Americans fat. But obesity is not funny feline. This is a serious health problem that all owners should be aware.

Obesity is the No. 1 feline health problem in most countries where cats are pets. Some owners may not realize their cats weigh as obese, but a few extra pounds can make a significant impact on a cat to have.

Three extra pounds on a cat is about 40 extra pounds on an average human.

Sometimes Less Is More

If your cat is obese due to other health problems, you can determine a plan to shed those extra pounds.

About Food is a common cause of obesity. Cats tend to be grazers and tight control of the daily recommended nutritional guidelines to each bag, most problems can be avoided.

Another method to fight the impulse to regular meals throughout the day for cats.

Cats living in households with multiple cats can creep more than their fair share of feeding time. The shops have the calendar bowls that reveal portions of meals at different times of day or several days to travel for short periods. Human beings can be more dangerous for a cat to feed if you abuse it. Add calorie treats that are not always counted, so they can make a big cat by itself too much to produce.

Low-calorie treats can be a better option for owners to train their cats or who can not resist spoiling. You must eliminate leftovers that can defeat the benefits of a complete and balanced diet food formula.

Exercise can burn calories and also has other advantages. lighter foods and less food are important but we need to practice in the formula. Some cats, including cats, can not jump at the chance to raise their heart rates.

Domestic cats can be difficult to exercise and cats have a different mentality than that of dogs. Cats say, "You must give me something good for me to play and hang out.

Interactive toys, catnip toys and toys with irregular movement can convince a girl to leave in place the sun to burn some calories nap. Mentally difficult to keep cats cat toys at a healthy weight. Cats love toys kinky and laser pointers.

Mix with mealtimes gaming by introducing dry food into a toy.

Make a game of kibble diet can help prolong the feeding process is a mental challenge and discourage binge in a bowl.

Leash training can not succeed if you start at an early age cats. Regular short walks, 15 to 20 minutes per session, are best for cats less stamina than dogs. By the animals slowly getting used to the sensation of the harness and leash for increasing time, cats can enjoy the same kind of exercise that is common for dog owners to use.

Indoor cats are more likely to be sedentary, but do not be fooled. Some outdoor cats can not exercise enough. You still have to watch them, because it depends on the cat.

Keep in mind that cats are fickle creatures, the variety is a necessity.

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