Thursday, February 3, 2011

Learn how to keep cats away from your furniture

If you are sick of your cat crawling along your furniture and leaving tufts of fur all over the place, you may need to invest in cat trees.
Cat trees are usually multi-level platforms that cats can climb and play. They are usually made of wood and other materials that are sustainable and covered with heavy carpet. Some parts are wrapped in sisal rope, to serve as scratching posts and cat trees to climb and perch.
Many consider the scratching post a great way to have an active cat playground. To crawl through tunnels in a hole, or climb the tree level often remains kitten cat entertained. It makes a lot of cats like a quiet high from the ground where they can curl up, or watch the world below to have.
But besides the fact that only a beautiful piece of furniture and toys for your cat scratching post can help reduce the amount of fur on her way to the rest of your furniture. There are two ways this happens.
First, the less time your cat on your furniture, the lower the amount of fur from your furniture. Because your cat scratching post and climbing perch on, you lower the amount of time your cat wants to spend on your equipment because they prefer to buy your scratching post.
Second, the carpet used on cat trees often helps to brush your cat. As heavy carpets are used to create cat trees, this material is a bit rougher than either of the carpet than your equipment. In many cases, this course material almost act like a brush, to help the loose hairs from the coat of your cat and fall of the floor covering material.
It is very important that you regularly clean the cat tree to remove hair. If not, then the cat tree begin to smell, and your cat does not want them. That means he could end up back on your furniture, dropping fur again. The more matted fur on the carpet, the carpet is less ability to remove the undercoat.
To delete, you can roll your hand firmly around the tree to get cat fur ball and then remove or brush your cat to use the material to scrape the excess fur. It may be a little trial and error, but you will be able to find a system that works to find you.
The ultimate way to get some of that cat fur from your furniture is to keep brushing your cat regularly. Many people think of brushing their dog, but happen to this idea with the cat, think they had enough on their own. Brushing cats can help remove the extra hair that not to rub on the scratching post. You should start brushing your cat as a kitten and make it a regular part of his work.

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