Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tips on things you should do to get closer with your cat

We often think of cats as very independent animals. It looks like they just put up with their human owners. They seem to be their own interests, plans and preferences - none of them are really tied to the wishes of their owners.
"You have a dog," they said, "but a cat owns you." Sometimes it seems that way. Calling a cat to your page is often a hit or miss proposition. The cat will apparently come to you when he or she wants, rather if you want to do. The positive reinforcement techniques work so well in dog training is often eyed with an intimidating glare of a cat that would run from an attempt to teach him or her when the mood strikes.
Despite the aloofness of cats, we continue to keep them as pets. Cats were among the first domesticated animals and history have an incomparable popular pets since almost the beginning of the story.
What is it about cats that attracts human interest? Is it their vulnerability? For all their independence, domestic cats are never to be in nature - they need us if they want that way or not act.
Is this independence? Maybe we have a respect for their apparent determination and will to do their own thing regardless of what others want. Cats can be seen as an illustration of freedom.
What are the reasons, cats and humans are intertwined. There's just something unique and special about the human / cat relationship. Although the bond may defy easy description, appears in the eyes of cats and cat owners alike.
It is noteworthy that the bond between man and animal can be strengthened and deepened through the adoption of some very simple strategies on the part of pet ownership. You see, despite their apparent lack of human companionship that cats are very sensitive to value and can be treated in a certain way.
We are so often warned not to destroy. We must not destroy our children. We must not spoil our dog. However, we can safely destroy our cat. Cat pampering is one of the best ways to improve cat-owner relationship.
Cats thrive on human attention and care. They tend to mirror that behavior. These cats are treated well in general tend to be more positive attention and comfort to their owners. So although it is still worthwhile without a personal payoff, cat pampering offers a number of real benefit to the cat owner and pet.
Cat owners should take time and energy to spend a few "extra" things for their pets. This could mean that the homemade goodies, a girl shows with a massage or simply to give the cat a warm towel fresh from the dryer to play. Effort can range from spending extra time with the cat to buy expensive cat toys in the form of "kitty condos."
Whatever you do, you may have a positive effect. As long as the cat gets caring attention is a factor bound to grow. But the search for and find quality information sources provided useful suggestions and opinions on the subject to provide a cat pampering, this ratio will probably grow even faster and stronger.
Every cat owner interested in improving the overall quality of his or her relationship with her cat should consider finding a variety of ways that they could enter a cat treat. Not all cats are set to all approaches, so it's important to find a number of options you can experiment for best results.
Although all cats that can not also respond to some pampering plans, each cat reached through some technique. It may be a little time and effort to learn what really makes your cat tick, but the rewards certainly justify the effort.

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