Thursday, February 3, 2011

Urine Spraying problem in Cats and how to handle this problem

The statistic represents a cat spraying urine 44 and nearly 100% in multi-cat households with more than ten cats. It is perfectly normal behavior for cats, but we can reduce the problem. Many cat litter box located in a crowded room in your house to reject people go through all times and too much noise. Some cats like a little privacy when they go into the box and you use a cat urine problems. Most cats will not use a box that is too close to their food and water, it is understandable.
Spraying urine is a way to define their territory cats. Your cat will be a backup to a vertical object, he / she wishes to mark a wall, your bank, curtains, etc., the tail is held high, and will normally vibrate, the cat will often tread the ground with his legs. He / she will spray a fine stream of foul-smelling urine at the right height for a cat to smell.
Stress can also cause problems with cat urine startup. Cats can become stressed for many reasons. Most of the reasons why stress is associated with changes in cats, cats are creatures of habit, and they just do not want to change their routine. Never punish your cat cat urine whatever problems he / she gives you. Punishment will not help, and it is unfair to your cat. Cats do not deliberately urinate where they should not.
How to check: 1. The easiest way to handle cat spraying is to consider castration. But you must do this before your kitten adults - when 4-6 months old. 2. If you have multiple cat owner, it is strongly recommended that you use a litter box for each cat. Keep litter boxes scooped and clean and take into account when they wash only mild and unscented cleaning products to use. 3. Try cat reduce stress by maintaining a routine, because the changes often cause cat spraying. Feed at the same time every day and keep their food, bedding and bed in their respective places. 4. Give your cat enough attention. Play with her, massage her, talk to her. Give her tons of praise, affection and attention for simply breathing. 5. Spraying is done by doors or windows where cats can see outside, especially when strange cats hanging around outside. If your cat is spraying because they undergo treatment for a cat or another animal, try to limit the area they can roam in your house to her sense of security. If the problem with cats outside the house, try to train your cat to limit exposure to these cats, because if she sees other cats, her natural reaction to bee in its territory, it's your house fire. 6. Not hit or yell at your cat when he sprays. It will only make the problem worse. Instead try to find out why he felt insecure and take steps to correct the interference

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