Sunday, February 6, 2011

Use some natural remedies for Cat scratching

Kittens and cats are so cute and interesting. In our hands, feeling soft and warm. We love our felines stroking and hear them purr ever so slowly. It is a bonding and loving moment between the PET and the right to share a tender moment.
Oh no! Why does my cat scratch? My cat has skin problems or allergies? My poor baby was miserable. If you are a first time cat owners, do not panic, calm down, relax and observe.
The beautiful coat of your kitten or cat should be soft, clean and slightly shiny. If the coat has become dry, dull or greasy, help your cat with extra grooming. The skin becomes dry, can have your pet's itching and scratching.
Cats are excellent in their personal hygiene. Maybe your cat has not been good, or he may become lazy about grooming her?
How can you stop scratching can be as easy as brushing her hair. Remove any long, loose hair and resolve any matted hair. As you brush your cat, search for any abnormalities in the skin or trapped in his fur.
If you notice dry skin, add moisture to its surroundings. The climate control in your home or outside environment, can cause dry skin on your cat.
Cats scratch? Here are some questions to help discover what might be causing this behavior:
Is your appetite good or bad?
Is your cat drinking water?
Elimination is appropriate?
Are urine and feces appear normal?
Is your mouth and thick healthy looking? Is your cat under stress or anxiety?
You can see signs of fleas or mites?
Do you see the raw, red, irritated or bald areas of your skin?
With skin infections?
If your skin seems dry or oily?
You see any scratches or abscessed skin areas?
Is your cat is coughing, sneezing, or eye or nose discharges?
Makes the eyes appear normal?
Does your cat have a fever?
If after reviewing this list and have brushed your cat, then decide if your pet has an emergency that requires the participation of either a cat veterinarian, or is a natural home remedy to solve the problem?
Cat owners aimed at natural remedies for their kittens and cats as an alternative because it is more affordable. Many of us feel that vet costs that are either too expensive or not affordable for our household budget.
Many of us have natural products available on our home and it will save us an unnecessary or an uncomfortable trip to the local store or vet, especially if a natural products will take care of these conditions.
The majority of natural products are no manmade chemical ingredients and you're more concerned about the possible side effects from medication.
No naming rights to specific pharmaceuticals that are marketed on television, do you ever listen to them, recite them at the end of the commercial? The side effects seem worse than the disease.
As cat owners we are afraid of reactions from components derived from chemical and snythetics. And I think this is why many pet owners have turned to natural rememdies same for their cats and dogs to cure minor health issues.
Are you looking for natural products that have been time tested for centuries and has proven to correct the minor problems that our cats are experiencing?
The traditional natural pet remedies are far more effective in treating the most common ailments than commercial synthetic chemical treatments. certinly contains less risk of dangerous side effects.

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